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Effective Sulfuric Acid Pickling with Rodine 85 – ChemEqual

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Long term use of metal components in industries often makes them susceptible to formation of rust and surface distortion by scaling. In order to maintain surface quality and remove rust, acid treatment is employed. The metal parts are dipped in acid baths to oxidize and remove hard scales and rust layers. But since all acids have a corroding tendency with metals, acid treatment forms a root cause for concern particularly due to abrasive and corrosive loss of precious base metal leading to surface pitting and distortion.

Acid inhibitors are administered in acid pickling baths to prevent loss of base metal after proper pickling. It also helps to extend the life of acid baths. Using of inhibitor in acid solution limits the acid attack on base metal, therefore minimizing base metal loss. A potent acid inhibitor helps to alleviate acid attack on the base metal once the scale has been removed, lending protection to the surface and optimizing acid utilization.

Rodine 85 serves as a soluble, low foaming, liquid corrosion inhibitor formulated for use in conventional sulfuric acid pickling operations. It is an amalgamation of 1,3-Diethyl Thiourea, Formaldehyde, substituted Triazine & O-Toluidine, Propargyl Alcohol and detergent. Rodine 85 is effective on any type of steel, and can be used at any acid concentration. Rodine 85 is an effective inhibitor for phosphoric and acetic acids, as well as sulfamic, citric, oxalic, and sodium bisulfate solutions in pickling and industrial cleaning operations.

Rodine 85 dosage greatly depends on the type of metal, the temperature of operation and the sequence of cleaning operation. The recommended amount of Rodine 85 to be used for pickling is always given in percent by volume of the concentrated acid, regardless of the degree of acid dilution used. RODINE 85 should be used at a concentration ranging from 0.05 to 0.30 percent by volume of the diluted acid regardless of the degree of acid dilution used. In addition, it is recommended that Rodine 85 inhibitor be used at a concentration not less that 0.5% by volume of the concentrated liquid acid or not less that 0.5% by weight of the concentrated solid acid, regardless of the temperature of the industrial cleaning operation.

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