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Ecosmob Offer Retail Class 5 Softwswitch Software to Improve Business Growth

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Softswitch technology evolves and applications of VOIP extend further. In this context Ecosmob retail class 5 softswitch is perfectly positioned to help everyone, from service providers to carriers. Its suite of features helps users reach out to a wide customer base in various categories like business and residential.

Ecosmob, drivers in VoIP technology, announced launch of modernized class 5 softswitch to meet today’s and tomorrows needs of service provider and carriers. Along the way the class 5 softswitch software has gained additional refinements. The softswitch is designed to help users whatever their market penetration and help to extend their growth even more, according to Ecosmob’s VP.

Ecosmob’s VoIP Class 5 Softswitch, he went on to explain, works as the core of unified communications and meets exacting requirement of wireless operators, converged and fixed services as well as for over the top service providers. It is designed to handle any volume of traffic and scale to meet growing requirements of the business and residential ends of the VoIP markets.

Ecosmob class 5 softswitch software provisions for virtually all use case scenarios. It includes PIN and PINless calling cards for home users, white label solutions for service providers who may like to include retailers in their chain and permits 3G to 5G mobility termination besides IP PBX inclusion. The retail class 5 softswitch is architected to blend in easily with current IMS standards. “With our class 5 softswitch, service providers can offer all VoIP services including video and WebRTC based solutions without any glitches. Our method of API integration and protocol inclusion translates to smooth, flawless service experience,” claimed the VP.

As for features, the class 5 softswitch includes voice mail, caller ID, call authorization and CDR reports. Users have access to conferencing, facility to whitelist/blacklist callers, call forwarding and waiting as well as call on hold.

What makes Ecosmob the first choice for class 5 softswitch development is that the company offers extreme customization service. This leads to seamless integration into the existing network infrastructure besides ease of use coupled with superior monitoring and control functions. For instance, retail services can offer prepaid and postpaid services in a variety of modes with multi-currency feature and charge the least due to the coupled least cost routing feature. This is but one example. Ecosmob offers complete consultancy and guidance right from before the project to after completion. Security and protocol translation as well as codec handling improves since it is possible to blend in features of session border controller into the class 5 softswitch or provide better handshake with the existing SBC. The third important factor is audio clarity regardless of internet connectivity and bandwidth issues. “We welcome inquiries from existing VoIP service providers, ITSPs and carriers. In addition, we encourage entrepreneurs to contact us to set up their own VoIP retail service business – Ecosmob provides total support.

Interested companies may get in touch with Ecosmob by phone on 91 79 40054019 or chat live on

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