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Ecosmob Announces IP PBX Solution Development for Hospitality and Travel Industry

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Ecosmob, Ahmedabad based VoIP development experts with a global presence announced launch of Hosted IP PBX solutions for the travel and hospitality industry. Speaking on the occasion, a representative of the company said, “Ecosmob is always in the forefront of VoIP technology and it has leveraged its expertise to come up with a superior IP PBX solution for travel and hospitality that will help this segment in a number of ways. The solution has advanced features with considerable ease of use to assure customer satisfaction.”

Ecosmob, he said, keeps in mind that hotels may already have some form of communication system in place, whether it is standard telephony or in-premise IP-PBX. The hosted solution on offer factors in such situations and can be adapted to make use of existing devices while the main software is cloud hosted with a number of attendant benefits.

Features include the standard requirements like easy to use user interface, single click deployment, extension groups, VoIP extensions, call transfers, voicemail, auto attendant setup, answer/hold/call park and forward facilities and database integration. What sets apart the Ecosmob IP PBX is integration of artificial intelligence for a degree of smart features and its use of the best of open source technologies like Asterisk, Freeswitch, WebRTC and Kamailio with OpenSIPS. These are integrated in a customized way to suit operating environment and user objectives.

The hospitality and travel industry, he said, is becoming more competitive and the need for customer satisfaction is high while users also need to pare down costs and yet deliver superior services. Cloud IP-PBX is the solution. Cost of communication reduces as the system makes use of the internet and a helpline number can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world. Because it is cloud hosted the hotel or travel company need not invest in expensive hardware IT and attendant maintenance staff. Upgrades are easy and scalability is built into the pay-as-you-go model. It can be used to ensure customer satisfaction, fast responses to queries and quick resolution beside generation of revenue with additional facilities. Many hotels have branches or chains in other parts of the world and intra-hotel communication becomes cheaper and effective with feature rich Ecosmob IP PBX solution. There is security too in order to prevent call frauds and analytics as well as reporting help derive insights.

Ecosmob welcomes inquires from hotels, travel companies and related sectors. To know more kindly visit company site or contact us on below details Email : or Call us on +1-303-997-3139 .

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