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Ecosmob Announced Affordable UC Package for Small Businesses in Covid 19 Hit Times

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Ecosmob, a global telecom software and solutions provider, announced availability of unified communication package specifically restructured for use by small businesses in Covid 19 hit times. Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP said, “We are offering unified communication platform for small businesses on a pay as you go model.”

The offer was spurred by the fact that small businesses are the most affected by the Covid 19 lockdown situation. Communication does help in maintaining as well as growing business during these tough times. “We strongly believe our UC solution will not only help small businesses survive but also to thrive.”

Elaborating on it he said the UC solution ties together email, fax, video, SMS, conferencing and phone into one seamless experience accessible through the dashboard of the software that can be used on mobiles or desktops because it is browser based.

One key issue, he said, is adapting to the changed unified communication environment. Ecosmob’s UC solution, he claimed, is intuitive and easy to use. It takes just five minutes to become familiar with the user interface and start using the software. Ecosmob’s UC, he said, ties together existing phone, email and fax to additional features such as conferencing and IVR.

How does UC help in Covid-19 hit times? On being queried he said that unlike the pre-Covid era, today businesses and employees must operate from wherever they are located. Customers, existing and prospective, may choose to communicate using any channel and there may be an upsurge that would be difficult for remote based workers to address. UC brings together data from the CRM and communication channels. Employees or owners can use their smartphones or desktops to handle any issue. “The important thing for small businesses is to stay connected with employees and with customer and vendors as well,” said the VP, “and UC facilitates communication. Work proceeds smoothly.”

The extended lockdown has hit small businesses particularly hard and unless they have a lifeline many are likely to go under. Ecosmob, a sensitive and caring organization, offers its unified communication solution on the softest terms to help such businesses stay alive and continue business even at a reduced scale. Their UC solution is technically sound, works seamlessly on any device and has all the features of larger enterprise grade UC solutions but on a modest scale. For instance, WebRTC video chat and conferencing is built into it, making it ideal even for medium grade enterprises. Small businesses can use the UC system to handle customer inquiries and complaints, order out replenishment stores and let employees work with each other.

Ecosmob offers total support starting with guidance and advice on how UC benefits customers, examination of user’s infrastructure, recommendations, setup, activation, training and maintenance. Those interested may get in touch with Ecosmob by phone on 91 7778842856, 1-303-997-3139 or simply chat live on

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