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Ecosmob announce Rise of WebRTC in COVID-19 situation

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Ecosmob’s WebRTC development services are the best solution for companies and the government to keep functioning effectively during this pandemic.

COVID-19 has shaken the economy of several countries. Businesses of several countries are affected drastically. The new business opportunity has come to a minimal amount, and companies are trying to operate effectively from home. As effective communication between teammates and business partners is highly important to get the desired results. Ecosmob has come up with a WebRTC solution to help businesses to have real-time communication and bridge the gap created due to lockdown.
Ecosmob’s WebRTC development services are cost-effective and best quality services that offer real-time and effective communication with the assistance of the browser-to-browser app. You don’t have to download and install any app to use WebRTC conferencing solution.

WebRTC solution
WebRTC conferencing solution from Ecosmob provides services to all sorts of businesses and is customizable as per the requirement of your business. It is made by using the latest technologies, which assist in enhancing overall productivity, increasing customer satisfaction, and lessen app life-cycle costs.

On-demand solutions to all your problems

Ecosmob has a comprehensive understanding of custom WebRTC solutions to all your personalized problems. We provide customized WebRTC development to the challenges faced by your businesses. It can be deployed across the globe and is easily accessible.

WebRTC based solutions
Few of the important solutions made by WebRTC technology include-
1. WebRTC conferencing solution – WebRTC Development helps to have real-time communication with your teammates across the globe. It offers all conferencing solutions, including security, ease of access, and recording of conversation for future use.
2. Call center solution – WebRTC provides solutions to all sorts of problems involved in call centers. It helps to automatically schedule the call, recording of calls for monitoring performance reports and checking areas where customers are facing problems to remove all loopholes and enhance customer satisfaction.
3. Online education – WebRTC development helps online education companies to provide excellent quality education across the globe.

Why to opt WebRTC solution
WebRTC is an innovative technology that is used to offer users real-time communication facilities via JavaScript APIs on web browsers. Ecosmob Technologies private limited has successfully developed various communication tools that are based on WebRTC. These tools can be easily accessed by businesses across the globe.

Some of the features of WebRTC based tools include:-
• Agile development
• Innovative technologies
• Quick Response to technology needs
• Affordable solutions and services
• Ongoing support
• The skilled team of WebRTC experts

Ecosmob offers complete support to set up WebRTC conferencing solutions at your workspace and provide training to your employees to use the technology wisely.

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