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Discover a Mutual Fund Investment Platform That Can Be Customized To Suit Your Financial Needs

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There are no hidden commissions for someone to invest via Invezta. The firm charges a nominal fee only for the qualitative advisory services, it provides for working out the transactions in a pure unbiased format. Moreover, the company also provides investors with a range of robo advisory services. The entire range of investment activities like asset diversification, allocation of funds across multiple channels of investing, rebalancing, switch of funds and other tasks connected with taking care of the profile are automated. This way, banks, financial corporations, experienced advisors and novice investors get the right kind of guidance, in a hassle-free manner.

The investor, therefore, gives a complete overview on the right type of mutual funds to invest in. Again, the investing umbrella offers one with a plethora of benefits, to make the process seem a complete hassle-free one. The paperless format adopted at the online firm makes sure the first-time investor is aboard within two minutes of having logged into the site. The online platform takes complete control of what needs to be done. The robo assisted advisory team tells one, how to invest in the right kind of mutual fund schemes. It also calculates the risk profiling, a new investor can assimilate, within his/her belt. The other schemes you might have had via other investing platforms are also clearly visible once you log on.

This kind of a completely 100% digitalized platform is just not for the elite investors but is made available to the common middle-class people as well. For the first 50K, the advisory services are also not charged. Beyond that, one will have to shell out a meagre Rupees 79/month, to avail automated updates, to take care of one’s investment profile. Invezta is thus a one of its kind investment platform that provides services par excellence.

Investing in direct plans ensures the investors earn all the money for themselves without paying hidden commissions to brokers, banks, etc. The direct plans also provide a fair degree of transparency to the novice investors. As a layman, one gets a fair idea of where to invest and where not to. When the investor goes via the regular schemes, he/she always relies on brokers/ intermediaries for financial advice. This way, one can never learn the sophisticated nuances of trading or investing. With the right blend of data-pioneered charts, algorithms and robo-assisted range of investment services, the investor is able to enhance his/her technical prowess, in the financial world. The investor can customize the financial plans to suit the requirements across every phase in life. A step by step guidance on investment planning is given to you via a completely digitalized range of financial advisors, in the form of a robo-assisted profile.

This is the singular platform for investors to select attractive mutual funds to invest in.

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