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Different Types of Dining Table at Wooden Street for Family Hook Up

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Gone are the days when everyone wants and follows the matching concept, but trending mix-up concept has broken all the customs. Inspired by this mix-up trend, this time Wooden Street has come up with a wide range of dining tables.

From morning meals to lavish dinner parties or casual lunch to family gatherings, the dining area plays a crucial role in our day to day life. You can make your dining area more attractive with extra utility, by choosing perfect dining table from Wooden Street.

At WoodenStreet, we offer a variety of dining tables such as 6 seaters, 4 seaters, round, foldable and many more. You can even get a different style and design in each type of dining table.

Every type of dining table is available at Wooden Street, for appropriate match of your dining area.

2 Seater Dining Table:

The 2 seater dining table is perfect for you and your better half. It is the best option for small families, who want to live a lavish lifestyle.

You can also use this dining table as work desk to complete your daily office work. By placing two extra chairs at other empty sides, you can convert this into 4 seater dining table also.

4 Seater Dining Table:

The 4 seater dining table is perfect for those who do not want to compromise on style, budget and comfort. This dining table also provides the option of expansion; you can convert it into 6 seater dining table.

6 Seater Dining Table:

The 6 seater dining table is suitable and comfortable for 6 to 8 members. By purchasing 6 seater dining, you are adding charm to your home. It gives everyone a spot to enjoy the time and irresistible decor.

Also, these tables are spacious enough to hold your collection with the food items also.

8 Seater Dining Table:

The 8 seater dining table allows you to serve a large number of guests. This type of table fulfils the need of spacious table top and accommodating more number of people. These tables are the best for joint families, so that family can enjoy their daily dinner with long discussions.

Round Dining Table:

The round dining tables occupy very less space and allow easy movement as compared to the other shapes. It influences or promotes the more sense of togetherness during mealtimes and special occasions. It also gives equal spacing and equal opportunity to everyone, with a shared centre.

Extendable Dining Table:

In extendable dining table, you insert extensions into the table to make the table larger. This table can be pulled out at each end to create more space. One or two extensions are usually included with each set which will then maximize the tablespace that is available before.

Foldable Dining Table:

The folding dining tables are becoming handy, as these are portable with attractive designs. These tables can save space and provide convenience both at the same time. The tables are designed in such a way that the legs or surface can be folded together to save space and can be unfolded again whenever required.

The wooden dining table is furniture units, which is used by us on a daily basis. So, Wooden Street choose the hardwoods like – Sheesham and Mango wood as a material to give the long-lasting nature and robustness to the furniture.

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