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Decimal Point Analytics achieves zero carbon emissions at their analytics centers

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Decimal Point Analytics (DPA) today announced that it has taken steps to ensure zero carbon emissions from its analytics centers in Mumbai and Nashik, India. It has already switched to 100% Green Energy usage at its Mumbai office.

When we think about carbon emissions, we visualize plumes of dark smoke emanating from industrial chimneys, but the airconditioned offices running computers also contribute towards carbon emissions in equal proportions. Hence, DPA took a decision to ensure that its analytics centers run only on green power.

Speaking at the occasion CEO, of Decimal Point Analytics, Mr. Shailesh Dhuri said, “It is of strategic importance for equitable growth that we adopt green technologies today. It is a matter of pride that DPA has achieved zero carbon emissions from power consumption in its analytics center in Mumbai from September 2021. Mumbai accounts for 65% of our power consumption for running analytics centers.

We are in talks with power suppliers to arrange green power so that we have zero carbon emissions from our Nashik analytics center from Oct 2021.

We are responsible global corporate citizen, and this action reaffirms our commitment to global strategic objectives. DPA is committed to taking further such actions at all times for benefit of society.”

Every corporate citizen has a responsibility towards society and by using renewable energy it can reduce carbon emission. It is very heartening to see growing conscientious corporate step up and contribute meaningfully towards reducing carbon emissions.

About Decimal Point Analytics
Decimal Point Analytics is a financial research and analytics company incorporated in 2003 with headquarters at Mumbai. It is an independent, management owned company, which provides actionable analytics to financial services companies. It offers customized solutions to investment management businesses that address specific challenges. It enables these customers to supplement their operations with additional resources and augment research processes using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Big Data.
Decimal Point Analytics has presence across four global locations including the United States, UK, and India.

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