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DAY Elevator & Lift offering Elvoron Stella Home Elevator from Garaventa Lift

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A leading elevator and lift company in the U.S., DAY Elevator & Lift, offers a variety of quality residential elevators from the industry’s top manufacturers. DAY supplies the Elvoron Stella home elevator in New York from Garaventa Lift. This luxury residential elevator comes with the same drive and control systems as a LU/LA (limited use, limited application) commercial elevator.

The Elvoron Stella home elevator features 2-speed horizontal sliding doors and a variety of platform configurations. It can service up to 6 landings. The walls and fixtures can be easily customized to suit individual needs. Key specifications and features:

• Drive systems options: hydraulic and in-line (machine room-less)
• Load capacity of 1400 lbs
• Travel – 32 feet (9.75 m)
• Speed – 40 fpm
• Maximum Platform Size – 18 square feet (1.67 square meters)
• Two-speed valve for smooth start and stop
• Available in 17 standard wall finishes
• Optional battery powered lowering

The safety features of this elevator include emergency battery lowering system, emergency safety brake system, automatic bi-directional floor leveling; stop key switch and alarm button in car, final limit switch, and over speed valve and pit prop.

In addition to providing quality elevators and lifts from leading manufacturers, DAY is known for its excellent after-sales service. DAY works with its clients throughout the entire phase of their project — from initial design and engineering, through installation and ongoing maintenance. The company is a trusted resource for homeowners, architects, contractors, and builders.

About DAY Elevator and Lift

A leading supplier of accessibility equipment serving the areas of New York and New Jersey, DAY Elevator & Lift was established in 1992. The company offers technology-driven accessibility products and solutions for residential and commercial purposes. DAY’s extensive collection includes elevators, wheelchair lifts, ceiling lifts, material lifts, and much more. The company also provides excellent support for project design, selection and installation.

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50 Hempstead Gardens Drive
West Hempstead, NY 11552
Phone: (800)758-5438

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