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Dallas, Texas Telehealth Services $25 per month Family Plan

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Carelumina, a health and wellness company based in Jacksonville, Florida, announces telehealth services for just $25 per month family plan for residents of Dallas, TX.

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All of us have been forced to adjust to new norms in our daily lives due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). During these times, the focus for most of us is on taking extra precautions in order to keep our families and ourselves healthy. That’s why it’s understandable that families are avoiding potentially crowded doctor’s offices, especially in areas like Dallas, TX. that were hit hardest by the virus. Carelumina is a physician-owned company that has spent years researching and developing premium health and wellness products and services. With their innovative and evolutionary products and services and unique approach to healthcare, Carelumina is helping to make a difference in many lives.

The company’s telemedicine services, also known as Telehealth, can provide peace of mind for just about every family in the Dallas, TX area. At just $25 per month per family, these services are an affordable, safe and convenient option to receive care from a doctor in the comfort of their own homes. Whether an individual is experiencing COVID 19 symptoms, requires an antibiotic for an illness, needs refills on specific medications or simply has questions for a doctor, Carelumina’s telemedicine services are ideal. With Telehealth, patients have access to a board certified physician 24/7 from virtually anywhere. Carelumina’s telemedicine program is transforming lives for the better in more ways than one. The company offers a Brand Ambassador program to entrepreneurs interested in assisting Carelumina with their global marketing efforts.

The Brand Ambassador program is facilitating the company’s rapid growth and international brand awareness of Carelumina’s health & wellness product lines and services. Brand Ambassadors are tasked with and can be highly compensated for introducing Carelumina’s telemedicine and complete line of healthy living products and services to others. This introduction can be life-changing on multiple levels and will ultimately help others to live healthier and happier lives.If you or a family member resides in the Dallas, TX area, contact Carelumina to learn more about their $25 per month family telehealth services and their ground floor opportunity as a Brand Ambassador.

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