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Curate Snip Score Steve Lucas 2016 Content Curation Techniques Tutorial Released

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James Peterson
Hong Kong

A brand new workshop entitled Curate, Snip, Score, teaching marketers multiple effective and less known SEO & traffic tactics, tricks and techniques based on simple content curation, has been released.

More information is available at

Curate, Snip, Score is a short workshop available in e-book and explainer video format, developed by Steve Lucas, detailing multiple proven content curation and sourcing strategies to help online marketers easily leverage other viral, trending or engaging content to improve the reach and exposure of their websites, blogs or links.

“The workshop reveals an instant online source for premier stories and content to grab an audience’s attention along with how to effectively use popular and high authority websites or sources of information and their content, in any specific niche, to improve the exposure, traffic and reach of the participants” websites, blogs or links.

Multiple traffic activities’ automation and scheduling techniques or free tools and websites that can be used to track links along with details on social media mass engagement methods, including how to automatically post to multiple social media sites at once, and more, are also included in the new e-book and explainer video workshop.

Additional information on the Curate, Snip, Score workshop and the valuable content curation, traffic and/or SEO tactics, tricks and techniques used and shared by its host Steven Lucas can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

The workshop host and developer, Steven Lucas, explains that “content curation is a great way leverage and use the reach and exposure of some of the biggest sites on the web to our advantage and in this workshop I’ll show the exact strategies I use personally to get traffic to my blog. I’ll be showcasing the exact steps every marketer should be taking with everything laid out in this “look over my shoulder” style workshop delivered via video and e-book”.

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