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Crestron Modules are now available for WolfPack HDMI Modular Matrix Systems Announced by HDTV Supply

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HDTV Supply, one of the nation’s top Internet providers of consumer electronics devices and related products, announced announce that we have recently added Crestron Modules to support our WolfPack family of Matrix Systems that uses the RS232 as the control method. Setting up a Crestron system is usually not a DIY job and requires that you may have to go through an authorized Crestron dealer so contact Crestron for one in your area. You now have access to over 2,000 Different WolfPack Modular HDMI Matrix Switchers to choose from with Crestron Modules supporting 12-chassis sizes.

Most of HDTV Supplys WolfPackâ„¢ modular matrix system are capable of being controlled by various means via a Crestron system. The most reliable method is RS232 serial communication provided by the ports of nearly every Crestron processor. If your system does not have serial ports, they may be added(at a cost) to provide control to your HDTV(Wolfpack) matrix system. The modules were written, regression tested and run on models including PAC2m, Pro2, CP2e, AV2, and were site tested using a QM-RMC, an iPad mini and an inexpensive WiFi router and the modules will work for new and legacy Crestron systems. The site testing component is a control system that included the modules(driver) and macros with interface and code needed in front of the module/macro to simulate multiple control system(s) to demonstrate a proven product that HDTV Supply can endorse for you the consumer.

The SIMPl+ modules and macros provide all the functions of the Front Panel buttons and/or what the IR remote can do also, for a new or existing system. Everything except actuating the power switch that only a human hand can do. Configured properly, by a certified Crestron programmer, a Crestron control system typically is run at a home or commercial setting, but can also be accessed remotely through the internet, at an additional cost.

You now have access to over 2,000 Different WolfPackâ„¢ Modular HDMI Matrix Switchers to choose from with Crestron Modules supporting 12-chassis sizes:

These WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switchers with Crestron Modules feature:
-1 and 4-Port 4K HDMI In & HDMI out cards
-4K @ 30 Hz & HDCP 1.4 compliant
-IR Remote, Software, RS232 & Front Control
-From 9 to 16-Preset Scenes to Save/Recall depending upon matrix size
-Some with HDMI to CAT6 Extenders
-Some with Video Wall Functions
-Optional Color 7″ Dual Displays
-Crestron Modules on 4×4 to 160×160

See it at Crestron Modules are now available for WolfPack HDMI Modular Matrix Systems

If you need more information just call 833–WolfPack or 833–965–3722 to discuss your application

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