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Creating Cashless World with Digital Card Acceptance Services

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Rapidly approaching to a cashless world with Digital Payment Processing Trends 2017


The leading digital payment processing company in U.K. London “Radiant Payment Gateway Solutions” creating cashless world with its different digital payment services to endure payment through virtual terminal and many other option like eChecks and eCash that are appropriate, fast and seamless. Digital payment world is update every minute, it’s better to prepare by knowing about the options available ahead in 2017 and future. According to Business Insider, between 2015-2020, mobile payment volume is expected to rise by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 80 percent, which would bring mobile payments volume to $503 billion by 2020. The magazine also forecast the number of in store mobile payment users to rise at a 40 percent, five-year CAGR, to reach 150 million by the end of 2020.

Mobile point of sale is at height when they introduced the reason why created an easy way to accept card payments no matter the time and availability. Since consumers wants merchants to accept card payments, having Mpos terminal is a need.

The survey, commissioned by the nation’s largest bank, found that only 20 percent of U.K. Population go with digital transaction with a digital wallet. One reason for the low uptake appears to be a perceived security risk and second another reason with only 36% of Merchants currently accepting digital wallets payments consumers feel the technology isn’t widely enough available yet to rely on it as their primary payment method.

Competition for digital payments related to online sales given a strong impact on digital payment services for many online retail sites. Hence, digital payment landscape is changing both online and offline. Brick-and-mortar consumers are pushing retailers for an easier and more seamless way to pay using NFC and magnetic communication and online consumers are looking at alternative payment options including emerging payment services and cryptocurrencies. Digital payments may have a significant impact in how the retail industry as a whole evolves over the next decade.

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The leading company in UK, London for providing best payment processing solutions. They serve quality professional services with innovation. The payment processing solutions helps all the merchants to tap the most out of the business. With Radiant Pay the merchants have elasticity to accept online payments through several payments modes. Radiant pay offer flexible, secure and innovative services to all merchants having e-commerce business.

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