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Covid-19 – Helping to monitor how its expansion affects stock markets around the world

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We -BI Geek- have developed an open and free dashboard to track the Covid-19/coronavirus spread across the world.

The dashboard can be accessed at publicly and it tracks the spread of the virus, recovered cases and deaths across all countries that make the data public.

It also tracks how the main stock index for each country is performing when compared to the number of its citizens that are infected.

The information updates automatically every 15 minutes and we add new graphs or data to show the most relevant information.

Currently, the following information is provided:

· Interactive world map showing the number of active infections / total infections/deaths by country.

· Table with detailed data.

· Graph with the ratio of infected people by 1 million citizens.

· Comparison of the infection curve for selected countries.

· Detailed information for the selected country (through the map or the table)

o Recovery ratio.

o Death ratio.

o Daily historical data (infected/recovered/death).

o Daily net infections or recoveries.

o Daily stock index performance.

o Infections/stock market performance histogram.

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting all of us in different ways. We at BI Geek are mainly based in Spain so we have many ill relatives, close medics and nurses working hard at the field, and sadly some deceased close ones as well.

We wanted to do something for the current situation and, since we are a BIG Data consulting group, we could find no better thing to do than make a free accessible place where anyone can keep up to date with the big drama we are living.

Original data is fed from for the Covid-19 and many different sources for the stock market information.

Please feel free to use the dashboard or the data as you wish. No need to give us credit but it would be hugely appreciated.

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