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COVID-19 Ecosmob Offers Secure Conferencing Solution for All Your Business Needs

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Covid-19 is disruptive and governments all over the world are enforcing lockdowns. There is no knowing for how long this situation will last. However, businesses must keep operating and it is all the more important for vital services and administration to keep functioning in these coronavirus hit times. Ecosmob offers secure conferencing solution for business, government, administration and vital services. “We can set up and make the conferencing system operational in an hour,” said the company’s VP.

Ecosmob’s conferencing system permits work from home and keeps businesses running in a normal fashion. It has all features required such as audio and video chat and conferencing. In addition, employees can easily share documents while collaborating online. All transactions are recorded for reference. Besides, Ecosmob conferencing solution is easy to use, even by those who are new to using conferencing for working from home.

The software has quite a few useful features. Employees working from home can chat with each other. If a third person or more colleagues must be roped into the chat, then it can be turned into a virtual conference during which the participants have use of a whiteboard, video within video as well as personalized meeting rooms. One can access the CRM and conduct customer services without any COVID disruption interfering in continuity. The best thing is that there is no need for each user to download software. Everything works in the browser. This allows for fast setup since each user receives sign in access to use the conferencing software and start working. This can be done on laptops as well as smartphones.

To summarize the important features of Ecosmob conferencing solution:
• Private chat, one to one, one to many, many to one, moderator
• Document sharing with selected employees
• Option of multi-channel communications access like voicemail, fax, email and voice call, Call monitoring and supervision of activities
• CRM integration
• Desktop sharing
• SMS and voicemail broadcasts
• No need to install software – it works in Chrome, Safari or Firefox
• Reporting and analytics

Most conferencing solutions available right now to allow for home based work offer more or less all these features. However, Ecosmob’s solution stands out in that it has been optimized for speed, operability on even older systems and on slow internet connections. Another important matter is that of security.

“Many businesses,” said the VP, “now take advantage of some free to use conferencing and video chat software not knowing that these are inherently insecure and could compromise confidentiality of data. Ecosmob offers video and audio conferencing solutions at affordable prices with absolute guarantee of security and confidentiality through a two stage authentication process. Our conferencing system also has more features than can be seen in free to use software. We provide complete set up, installation and basic training to employees to help them get off to a running start with the software and its use.”

Ecosmob guarantees absolute ease of use, total reliability and 100% security in its conferencing solution. Fast installation is backed by strong support service anywhere in the world. “We move fast so that businesses never slow down or come to a standstill in these coronavirus hit times!”

Businesses interested to install Ecosmob conferencing solution to facilitate from home work may get in touch on phone 91 7778842856, 1-303-997-3139 or chat live on

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