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Cosmetic Surgery: Change your Personality

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First Impression is the last impression” – This is a famous phrase which we have been hearing since childhood. We only get one chance to make a first impression and the person, who projects the best self-image, makes the best impression. In today’s competitive society, people recognize the importance of self-improvement both for social and professional reasons. One of few ways for managing external looks is body exercises, skin care and nutrition. But sometimes for many of us these practises are not adequate and hence real structural changes are required by external surgeries. These are called are cosmetic surgeries which offer a second chance to improve our external looks which we have not got since birth. Tricity Institute of Plastic Surgery offer distinctive options to enhance your looks, persona, sensuality, physical appeal and build self-confidence.

“A person becomes more confident when they become accustomed to the transformation and this heightened sense of self-esteem will benefit which that lasts for the lifetime”, says Dr Ankur, one of the leading Plastic Surgeons in India.
People with a good self-image tend to function effectively in their work, feel secure in their relationships, and interact positively with others. Sometimes the correction of even a minor defect can make a major positive change, substantially increasing feelings of well-being and self-worth. TIPS is known for their high competence levels. They are highly skilled, with all of them being internationally trained.

Most of the plastic surgeons and their staff are English speaking and language poses no barrier to communication for foreign patients. Indian hospitals offer a full arrangement of cosmetic surgery procedures for various parts of face and body like nose, chin, cheeks, hip and stomach reduction etc. India has a vast reservoir of skilled doctors.

Many of them have proved their mettle in the US and UK and returned to India to work in hospitals here.
The calibre of other doctors practicing in India is also of a very high order. There are organizations which guide patients in arranging their stay and surgeries from top class hospitals in India. Best services are provided when the patients are on their tour for getting cosmetic surgeries done. A dedicated team of experts help you through your surgery arrangements; stay in India till the patient boards his/her flight back to their home country. Cosmetic Surgery cost in India is very economical in comparison with many other countries. In India patients from all around the world come for their surgery and also enjoy a great tour of the country with their loved ones.

India is a country with rich culture and heritage. It’s a country with wide variety in terms of food. Hence definitely one must explore the country while you are on a medical tour to India.

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