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Coronavirus Leads to disruption in Multiple SEO Services

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The novel coronavirus has disrupted the entire world and its functioning. From regular households to large businesses, everyone is facing its wrath and has shifted to their home. The digital marketing industry, on the contrary, has got a big responsibility for managing clients, creating content, and providing robust SEO services as they search for multiple items has slowed down.
Orionators Agency, Udaipur: The Orionators agency is a digital marketing agency in Udaipur and has noticed multiple shifts and twists in the SEO domain consumer behavior. While most people are at their homes, the search for keywords like “near me”, “in my area” for non-essential products has reduced. Not to forget, the worst-hit industry is the travel and tourism and hospitality industry. We noticed a downfall of 47% of traffic on the websites of these businesses.

On the contrary, News sites and website that are showing content like the number of deaths, active patients has gone up significantly. Search traffic for these sites has risen to +34%. Being in the SEO services industry, every business needs to find ways to maintain the traffic and keep the interactions open.

We noticed that the industries which are still getting traffic are generally fitness and health (30%), COVID19 information (48%), home cooking recipe and home bakers (22%), live fitness trainers (27%), news industry (34%) and financial sector (29%).

The trend for Essential e-commerce stores has surged with people searching for hand sanitizer shops near me, masks provider near me, and even toilet paper near me in some areas. In the recreation industry, the areas like bowling alleys, personal trainers, amusements parks are facing downfall whereas fitness and equipment’s, Rental video games, indoor games provider has risen.
We have jotted down some tips for SEO services providers to make sure the situation is handled effectively and none of the clients is lost.

– Review campaigns and industry mechanisms.
– Keep track of website traffic and try to include COVID19 warning and data on your website home page.
– See if social media can help redirect traffic to the website.
– Focus on customer service rather than lead generation.
– Plan for Q4 strategies now while you have time.
– Explain things to clients and make sure they know your strategy.
– Stay alert with Google Trends
– Help and support your community.

Orionators is a full-fledged digital marketing agency and is fully equipped with the necessary resources to provide the best SEO services to your business.

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