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Come to know more details about properties of Al2O3-MgO-C refractory

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Al2O3-MgO-C refractories are developed on the basis of high-performance magnesia and aluminium carbonaceous refractories, which are also an alternative material to high-alumina and dolomite brick ladle lining. But in contrast, made by acid-based two kinds of fire-resistant oxides, the aluminum magnesium carbon brick not only has excellent chemical and thermodynamic stability, but also has excellent thermal and mechanical properties.

(1) High penetration resistance to molten steel. The whole refractory lining can be formed by the expansion of spinel reaction between the alumina and the magnesia during use, effectively preventing the infiltration of the molten steel into bricks from the joint between bricks.

(2) Excellent slag resistance performance. In addition to the role of graphite, the spinel formation during using can absorb the FeO from slag to form a solid solution, and Al2O3 can react with the CaO of slag to form a CaO-Al2O3 compounds with high melting point, blocking the pores and increase Melt viscosity, to achieve the purpose of inhibiting slag penetration.

(3) High mechanical strength. Compared with MgO-C and Al2O3-C refractories, Al2O3-MgO-C refractories contain less graphite, usually 6% -12%, so its bulk density is high and with low porosity and high strength.There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory ,such as fire brick for sale ,refractory nozzle, refractory products, refractory nozzle. When you need any refractory products ,welcome to view our website to know more.

To prevent molten steel of the ladle nozzle from freezing, filling sand need to be filled into ladle nozzle, our company produce two kinds of filling sand: silicious and chromium based. Our chromium nozzle filling sand is made by using chrome ore as main material, conditioning agent as auxiliary material, which is kind of molten liquid flow material.There have fire clay bricks,refractory nozzle ,refractory raw materials and other refractory products,

As filling sand used at ladle nozzle lower position, it is requested to be sintered at low temperature in order to avoid of flowing up when pouring molten liquid into ladle. On the other hand, it is also important character that the thickness of sintered layer which facing liquid side, can’t be too much during the high temperature and long-time refining process, otherwise, the auto tapping rate will be reduced to some content, which definitely affects normal and continuous steel making operation. Silicious and magnesial filling sand obviously can’t meet the requirement of auto tapping rate under high temperature and long-time refining process, so chromium filling sand was developed under this circumstance. Compared with the above mentioned filling sand, chromium filling sand possess higher tapping rate and more safe.

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