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CogniBrain Announces Free-of-cost Service to Handle Journal Reviewer Queries

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Writing a research paper and submitting it to a reputed journal is tedious and time-consuming for majority scientists. Hurried preparations of the research paper may lead to many grammatical and language issues in the document. Moreover, the journal guidelines for writing a research paper tend to be overlooked in such a case.

And when such research papers are submitted to the journal for publication, they are bound to be rejected. Even if they are not rejected, the journal reviewers place certain queries upon the research paper if it lacks a clear message or has confusing charts and figures.

Many scientists react in a rage and do not give credit to these comments and queries placed by the journal reviewer. They end up making the same mistake and submit their paper to another journal with the same consequence.

The idea behind offering a free-of-cost service for handling the reviewer’s query is to direct the attention of the scientists towards the importance of the comments of the journal reviewer. A reviewer is not your critic, but a supporter who wants to publish the best of your work in front of the readers.

Rejecting or not paying heed to their queries and comments is a big mistake. You may not have time and expertise to address such issues in your life, but CogniBrain has. That’s why it is offering such services at free-of-cost.

The scientists and research scholars across the globe are recommended not to write their research papers in a hurry. They are further advised to take help from professional medical writers and editors to make their research papers ready for publication.

You may have the expertise to write, but no time to compile your research in a well-formatted document. Or you may be confused in selecting the right journal for publishing your research paper.

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