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Carriers providing group health Insurance in Dallas are communicating they anticipate participating

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[Dallas health insurance]([urance]( providers are expected to show more commitment to exchanges now that they have a better sense of what the Trump administration will allow concerning Obamacare in 2019.

For the majority of 2017, health care companies were anticipating receiving new guidelines, particularly on cost-sharing reductions for low-income insurance participants. In late 2017, payments were officially discontinued due to lack of funding from Congress as well as the removal of the insurance individual mandate.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires by law that insurers, like those providing [group health insurance in Dallas](, provide cost-sharing subsidies. Without the governments assistance, providers are now communicating they can optimally price insurance plans with more confidence. In turn, consumers will be able to clearly evaluate and choose plans that are in line with their budget.

Texas is one of several states which only allow consumers to sign up for the ACA on private exchanges. Participants interested in receiving insurance through the ACA, or commonly known as Obamacare, are required to use the federal-run website Consumers can also utilize an independent agent, broker site or company such as Insurance4Dallas to enroll directly into Obamacare and still receive financial assistance the law provides.

While this new development is good news, some health care advocates are still concerned that these changes will lead to more sick people in the individual market ultimately resulting in higher plan costs. A recent report published by health care policy consulting firm Avalere Health seemed to underscore this belief as it finds an anticipated 2019 15 percent average premium increase requests compared to 2018 based on early insurer filings in several states.

The advantages/disadvantages of ACA will continue to be debated for a long time, says Insurance4Dallas’ Rick Thornton, a firm comprised of [Dallas group health insurance]( brokers, but my clients will definitely appreciate having concrete information moving forward. It allows them to make more informed decisions for their families. Thats one part of the puzzle that has been missing.

Insurance4Dallas, (I4D), helps insure all of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, Louisiana, New Mexico, Alabama, Virginia and Florida. [Insurance4Dallas]( provides consumers with detailed information on health insurance with the ability to purchase health insurance online. Insurance4Dallas provides a full spectrum of health, dental, vision, life and ancillary insurance products, providing a diverse selection of price and benefit options complemented by personal customer service. Available via phone, email or fax, Insurance4Dallas answers consumer questions throughout the purchasing process and during the utilization of its health insurance policies.

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