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Canada Family Pharmacy ( press release

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174 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5N7, Canada
Phone:+1 613-232-5736
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The main principles of the online pharmacy is reliability, professionalism, guaranteed quality of medicines and prompt service.

Why customers choose Canadian Family Pharmacy?
Canadian Family Pharmacy keeps the leader positions due to the following advantages:

Unique assortment. Here you can find medicines and medical products that are not represented in other pharmacies. Also, you can make an order for a product that is not available at the moment. You can always consult for the whole assortment.

Medications of leading manufacturers. The online pharmacy cooperates with leading manufacturers and national leaders in the distribution of medicines, which allows to avoid the supply of poor-quality or falsified products. The pharmacy has a system of three-level quality control of drugs to prevent the sale of substandard products that may harm the customers.

Canadian Family Pharmacy works around the clock;
Transparency of all payments and convenience of payment;
Consultative assistance of competent pharmacists;
The quality of the goods is documentally confirmed;
The online pharmacy works with the largest wholesale Indian suppliers. Large suppliers mean a wide assortment, reasonable prices and a high level of service.

All our goods are inspected on the «input» — «receipt of goods for quality.» The series of product licenses are compared with the data of the Department of State Control of Quality. Being in the warehouse, the goods are re-examined according to new information about falsified and rejected goods, which are sent in the form of letters.
Professionalism. The pharmacy is distinguished by professionalism and competence, you can always get advice from a qualified specialist. Canadian Family Pharmacy cares about the professional and career growth of its specialists. The online pharmacists should not only be certified specialists, but also have a certificate, which is issued for 5 years. The company constantly conducts trainings for pharmacists, provides an opportunity to get acquainted with new medical products.

Customers can save thanks to promotions, discounts, social projects, seasonal sales.
How to buy cheap drugs online?
The online pharmacy functions in the virtual store mode. On the site you can get acquainted with the assortment and prices, make an order and specify the terms of delivery. Our competent pharmacists provide advice on the purchase of medicines.

The assortment regularly expands and replenishes with not only the most popular, but also rare medicines. Customers can choose the drugs with convenience at home or from the office such goods:

– Drugs used in oncology;
– Antidepressants;
– Drugs for erectile dysfunction;
– Antibiotics;
– Pain-killers;
– Medicines used in the therapy of vascular diseases;
– Dietary supplements;
– Vitamin complexes;
– Children’s medication;
– Anti-smoking drugs;
– Goods for care of patients;
– Asthma inhalers and much more.
– Ordering a medication online saves you time and help avoid stress. – You do not have to travel around the city in search of the necessary drug. All you need is to contact our online store, and the drug will be delivered to you in the nearest time. Save your health together with Canadian Family Pharmacy!

For more details, please visit

Canadian Family Pharmacy Office:

174 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5N7, Canada
+1 613-232-5736

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