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Call Center Software Market Size and Share in 2018-2019 – Figures Worth Knowing

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The Chairman of Ecosmob, the parent company of Hodusoft, developers of advanced call center software for business, released figures on market size and share in 2018-2019, showing that growth is positive and demand is surging. That makes it a convincing case for businesses to switch over to contact center software rather than stay with IP PBX or other modes of communication. The importance of customer experience, it is seen, drives demand for call center solution adoption in businesses.

He quoted Grandview Research Report that values the global market for call center software at around USD 16.28 billion in 2018, set to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 17.6% from 2019 to 2025. Artificial intelligence and social media integration in contact center software deliver advantages that businesses cannot ignore when faced with delivering superior customer experience challenges. Omnichannel is the buzzword and it will accelerate adoption. Hodusoft’s contact center software, it must be noted incorporates AI as well as omnichannel features. 

As for market share by region, North America is the biggest followed by Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and then finally Middle East & Africa. What this translates to is that Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and the African Continent are emerging markets and this is where Hodusoft will be targeting its range of affordable, hosted contact center solutions. That does not mean that the Americas or Europe have reached saturation point; on the contrary, demand is the highest in these regions. 

Referring to TechNavio Report on contact center solution trends, he noted that the emergence of cloud based contact center solutions and software as a service play a significant role in boosting adoption by business enterprises worldwide. The market can be further subdivided into inbound and outbound call centers, service providers and end users. Retail faces stiff competition and, for them, it is absolutely indispensable to put in place omnichannel contact center solution. For instance, Mordor Intelligence report for the UK retail segment shows that retailers’ priority is 5% on managing customer journey, 14% on personalizing customer experience, 11% on investment in front end systems, 10% on single view of stock, 8% on investment in supply chain, 8% on leveraging big data and AI, 5% on mobile apps and 5% on mobile responsive website. The figures indicate that greatest weightage is given to personalized customer experiences in which contact center solutions play a pivotal role. 

It is natural that huge demand portends a bright future for contact center software providers. Well established names can expect steady business while smaller ones like Hodusoft can expect to become a global player in the next five years. Hodusoft, already known for its excellent contact center software, aims to be up there with the big players. 

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