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Build a business from home with My Online Startup

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My Online Startup (MOS) has revamped its free training course on how you can build an online business from scratch with step-by-step guidance on affiliate marketing.The training, which features a series of videos in different modules, is designed to give you a guide to setting up an online business, based around email and affiliate marketing – a comprehensive grounding in the steps needed.The 100% free training includes:· Targeted traffic· Building an email list· Converting leads into buyers· Lead magnets and capture pages· Tracking conversions· Marketing on YouTube and Facebook· Paid trafficThe course also covers how to acquire a “success mindset” that will put you on the right path to achieving the goals that you set yourself.

“A lot of internet marketers charge hundreds of dollars for this type of training but My Online Startup’s aim is to offer the best free education platform on affiliate marketing out there ,” says affiliate marketer Sally Nash, who is promoting My Online Startup. “At this time of coronavirus and with offline businesses struggling, now is a perfect time to learn the basics of affiliate marketing in a step-by-step way so that beginners can build up a business that means they can work from home in a flexible way.”“There are no shortcuts to success but the basics of email marketing and promoting affiliate offers (where you get a commission if you sell a certain product) have stood the test of time. What is even better is that you can build a list and promote offers in hundreds of niches, like crafts, fishing, dog training, fitness etc. There’s a good chance you can build a business around your passion.”There are eight steps to the introductory training but the videos are short so you can complete the training in a day or so.”It is the prefect starting point for anyone who wants to create a business from home, whether full- or part-time and importantly, it puts you in control of your financial destiny,” added Nash.

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