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Boost Your Business 10x, by Adding Coinremitter’s Crypto Payment Gateway

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When the cryptocurrencies came into the market, it brought with so many opportunities. This opens the door for those merchants who wants to carry their business across the border online.

By adding another payment service option would help the company grow faster and add another layer of income to sales.

The merchants who have hard times these days and are stuck with the limited options can now take the advantage to expand their businesses internationally with the help of cryptocurrencies.

Coinremitter is helping those merchants by providing its payment gateway with various other functionalities such as digital wallets, store coins, exchange, and accept cryptocurrency payments online, safely & securely at a very low cost by 0.23%.

The payment gateway of this company assists major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Tether, along with more specialized alternatives like Dogecoin and Dash.

Coinremitter has said that no KYC or any ID is needed to build a payment gateway that is global, free of chargebacks, and “zero risks.”

Many Merchants from a wide range of industries turn to crypto payments to enjoy several benefits that traditional methods of payment do not deliver.

Some of the benefits of using crypto payments for businesses that want to grow globally should need to take into account:

Merchants can accept payments from everywhere, with no foreign exchange fees, currency transfers, or typical waiting times from any computer or mobile device.

Coinremitter’s crypto payment gateway has 2fa (Two-factor authentication) that offers tremendous security service, so there’s no risk of harm to your private data.

These retailers can welcome the growing demand for alternative payment methods, by being among the first to accept crypto payments.

Merchants who had never been able to shop online due to having no bank account, now they can purchase from anywhere in the world using Crypto payments.

About Coinremitter:

Founded in 2015, and become popular among the merchants. The company’s CEO said that their main purpose was to make crypto payment gateways secure & straightforward for companies to integrate.

Coinremitter says it has already created a flourishing community with more than 25,000 users regularly relying on its portal to pay. Since its launch, nearly 1.9 million transactions have been processed, with a total value approaching 5,000 BTC.

Now the company has been aiming to make it easy for startups to list coins and establish important inroads with merchants and vendors.

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