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The human skeleton contains in itself the secret of a healthy life itself. Not only does the human skeleton provide the standing support system for the body but it also produces all our vital Blood cells without which we cannot survive. It provides us motion, protection, storage for minerals and endocrine regulations. Bone Care Tips are mentioned in this blog.

Keeping up poor bone health leads to an onset of many critical bone diseases including osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and rickets. The following are some tips for good bone health:

1. Lots of veggies
Vegetables are crucial for bone health. They are the major source of vitamin C which helps in bone formation. Furthermore, green leafy vegetables (GLVs) promote bone mineralization.

2. Essential vitamins and minerals
Along with Vitamin C, Vitamin D is also quite essential for bone health and development. It promotes Calcium absorption into the bones. Adding on to it, Calcium, itself is imperative for the bones given the fact that most of the bone matter is made of calcium. It is recommended that adequate calcium intake along with plenty of sunlight will keep your bones healthy.

3. Better exercises
In order to better your bone health, along with regular sets of an exercise, it is recommended that weight training is also focused upon and practiced in reality. Except for those diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia, weight-bearing training is just the best for building bone mass. Along with this, strength and resistance training is also highly recommended for building good bones.

4. No tobacco
Tobacco is lethal for bones. High consumption of tobacco is linked with severe bone damage and poor bone health. It is recommended that those who consume tobacco should try going for Smokers Anonymous programmed or the like and quit tobacco quickly.

5. Visit an Orthopedist
If nothing helps, don’t hesitate from visiting a specialist in bone care. It is always better to tackle a problem if you know more about it. An expert opinion in this regard will be most fruitful. If you can’t find an Orthopedist near you, log in to AstoCare and book with the best one in your city, instantly. you can also read Self Medication By following the above mentioned, you will find yourself a bit closer to bone care and a bit farther to bone diseases. Take care and keep those bones healthy! All the best.

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