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BMW Cardiff Announces Remapping Service to Optimize Fuel Economy of BMW Cars

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Cardiff, UK; 13, May 2017: Cardiff independent BMW specialists offer a wide range of BMW repair and servicing, including tyres and alignments, upgrades, transmission repair and so on. They also have started offering ECU remapping services that can significantly increase the fuel economy of a car. At the same time, the remapping can also increase the torque for a powerful driving experience.

According to the spokesperson of the Cardiff BMW Specialist, with the help of a few tweaks, they ensure the BMW Remaps that can bring an enormous difference in driving the car. In remapping, the original map of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) is read and then it is modified according to the new parameters. The programming changes in the ECU and the modified map enhances the performance and the fuel economy. The spokesperson maintains that they carry out the remapping very carefully and it has no risks and also does not interfere with the original software.

Besides ECU remapping, the BMW Cardiff offers precise serving and repair after carrying out the diagnostic of the car. They have modern diagnostic tools that help identify the exact problem and thus save time and also avoid carrying out unnecessary trials and repairs. The spokesperson maintains that they offer an alternative to car dealer servicing. They offer replacement parts and fluids that can even exceed the specifications recommended by the manufacturer. At the same time, the BMW specialist maintains an affordable price tag.

According to the spokesperson, they maintain best prices for BMW Servicing. The automotive service provider has multi-bay workshop, software and tuning lab and also ECU repair lab to carry out all types of repair, servicing and upgrades of BMW vehicles. They can service all BMW models and mini car models. Moreover, the expert technicians of the BMW Cardiff Specialist know when a car requires servicing and offer the precise service and repair to save on both cost and time of car owners. To know more about the car servicing, ECU remapping and other services they offer, one can visit the website

About Cardiff BMW Specialists:

Each and every member of the BMW servicing team is a car fanatic and is Passionate, Dedicated and Focused. They are not just mechanics, but they are a team of highly driven technicians with a dedication to be the best and learn everything there is to know about BMW & performance cars.

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