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Block Scientific offering Siemens Bayer Miles Hema Tek 2000 Histology Equipment/Slide Stainer

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Block Scientific is offering the efficient Siemens Bayer Miles Hema Tek 2000 Histology equipment/slide stainer refurbished with a 90-day parts warranty.

A leading supplier of laboratory equipment based in New York, Block Scientific is offering Hema Tek 2000 Histology Equipment/Slide Stainer refurbished with 90 day parts warranty.

This stainer from Miles Laboratories Inc. (which is now a subsidiary of Bayer Corporation) works as a continuous feed-loading platform, helping to reduce the wasted time often associated with batch staining procedures. Having the capability to process 60 slides per hour, this system offers superior control of stain and buffer mix.

The Miles Hema Tek 2000 slide stainer pumps deliver fresh reagents in precise volume for every stain while the platen provides uniform stain from field-to-field and slide-to-slide, with stain and buffer mixing accurately and uniformly. Slides are immediately available for viewing upon completion of staining, and the rinse reagent contains the optimal alcohol concentration for proper slide drying.

The key features of this system are:

* Correct first-time staining means less duplicated work.

* Stains up to 60 slides per hour

* Delivers precise volumes of fresh stain for every slid

* Offers superior control of stain and buffer mix

* Provides uniform staining from field to field and slide-to-slide

* Simple and easy to maintain

The simple and easy to maintain model delivers precise volumes of fresh stains for every slide. Dials located on front panel allow for wide variation in stain intensities to suit individual needs. Reagents, controls, and consumables and service contracts may also be available.

With a premium quality product line, Block Scientific is a reliable partner for labs of all sizes and offers products at attractive rates. For labs with budget constraints, Block Scientific offers reagent rental plans and leasing programs. Excellent customer service and timely maintenance support are other advantages of partnering with this laboratory equipment dealer.

About Block Scientific

Based in New York, Block Scientific is a reliable clinical laboratory equipment supplier that offers a wide range of lab equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Products offered include chemistry analyzers, centrifuges, dry baths, reagents, consumables and more.

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NY 11713 USA
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