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Blackboard Decal Self Adhesive With Easy Peel & Stick Easy Clean Vinyl Announced

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Coloreart announces their color vinyl decals which are removable blackboard wall decals. These decals are self adhesive and come with a wipe cloth and many bonuses such as colored chalk and a white chalk pen. The decals can be peeled off and reused many times.

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Writing notes and leaving messages can become quite difficult because of papers flying around and getting lost. Using paper is also expensive and creates a lot of wastage. Many people are also trying to avoid the excessive use of their mobile phones to send simple everyday messages or instructions.

Blackboard wall decals provide a convenient and inexpensive solution. They can be used on any clean, flat and smooth surface and can be handled by even young children quite safely. They do not disfigure the painted surfaces they are applied to and can be easily removed and stuck at a different place.

Blackboard wall decals can be stuck on wooden doors, cemented walls and even smooth metallic surfaces such as the sides of refrigerators, cabinets, cupboards and so on. The decals also stick easily onto mirrors windows and counter tops.

They make a great addition to the decor of a child room. The decals can be used for hours of fun and entertainment, or as an effective teaching tool for practice work. Parents can also use this to leave reminders, instructions, or even words of encouragement and cheer.

The color vinyl wall decals are great for high traffic areas in restaurants and offices. Messages can be easily written on and wiped off with just a dry cloth. The adhesive at the back is strong enough to withstand the moisture levels in kitchens and bathrooms. Therefore this tool is quite useful to record shopping and to-do lists.

The paper can be customized according to the requirements. It can be easily cut into the required sizes and shapes so that big and small segments can be stuck separately. For ore information visit the link given above.

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