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Bitdeal Launches Paxful Clone App for Premium Users

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Paxful Clone App is a mobile application that inherits all the cryptocurrency exchange services as like the Paxful exchange. Developing a cryptocurrency exchange mobile application with all the features of famous cryptocurrency exchange Paxful is known as Paxful Clone App Development. We, Bitdeal offers the world-class paxful clone app development services along with paxful clone script development and paxful wallet clone app development.

Our Paxful Clone Package involves paxful clone script,paxful clone app,paxful wallet clone app which can be purchased for affordable cost. Hurry Up ! Contact our experts now !

Premium Features of our Paxful Clone App

Listed here are the premium features of our Paxful Clone App :
1. Advanced UI/UX
2. User and Admin Dashboards with many attractive features.
3. Auto Trading Bot Integreted
4. Real Time Price Chart
5. Multi-langugage support
6. Easy KYC/AML verification
7. Simple Sign-up Mechanism
8. Push Notifications
9. Multi-payment gateway
10. Location Tracking API
11. Ultra speed trading engine
12. Clear Transaction/Trade History
13. Integreted Cryptocurrency Wallet
14. Launchpad Integration
15. Fingerprint or pin lock
16. Live Trading Graph
17. Support of Multi-cryptocurrency
18. 24 /7 chat bot support for ease trading
19. Safe Escrow System
20. Review or rating pop-up after trading and more.

Why Paxful ?
Paxful is a popular peer-to-peer, simple and safe crypto market which supports for the exchange of bitcoins globally. Paxful in competition with world’s famous P2P Crypto platform LocalBitcoins makes more trade volume in recent days. Thus, with 300+ payment methods, Paxful is becoming a strongest bitcoin exchange in the crypto community as stepping into the fourth year of its crypto service.

As of the day, Paxful has almost about 8,00,000 happy customers with nearly 10,00,000 bitcoins sold on the platform. This implies that Paxful is the most-trusted P2P Crypto Exchange among people.

Recent News that highlights Paxful Performance
1. In motto of helping crypto community, Paxful has joined its hands with OKEX to make better crypto ecosystem.
2. Paxful recently added the gold payment options on the platform to buy/sell bitcoins which can increase their financial state.
3. In May 2020, Paxful has recorded BTC trading of $6.2 million volume which is 41% increase, which is due to the new user-signup from India this month.
4. During this COVID’19, the average monthly user sign-ups have increased by 28% with the average trade volume of $4.4million.
5. In the post-COVID’19 the Paxful’s Bitcoin Trading Volumes have increased by $1.521 million in a week which is an all time high trade volume for paxful exchange.

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App
Paxful exchange provides many services and the notable and most famous service is its “Bitcoin Wallet App”.
Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app provides an easy way for paxful wallet app users to send, receive and store bitcoins in their personal mobile crypto wallet.This Paxful Bitcoin Wallet App is being the ultimate service and best companion tool of Paxful exchange.

We Bitdeal also assist you in launching your own Bitcoin/Crypto wallet with all the features mentioned above as like Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app with the help of our Paxful Bitcoin Wallet Clone App.

Source : Bitdeal – Paxful Clone App Development

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