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Best Careers to Choose For Australia 189 Visa

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Australia immigration system is complex and has many visa options which are focused on filling the labor gap and bringing in both skilled and semi-skilled workers into the country. If you are a skilled worker with experience in one of the high demand industries, then you can apply for an Australia 189 visa, which enables you to acquire Australian citizenship within five years

Careers That Can Boost Your Chances for Australia 189 Visa

1. Consulting, Management, And Business Analytics
In order to live and work in Australia in a managerial position you should be willing to undergo and pass a skills assessment test. The criteria for skills assessment will differ depending on your field of work, however you will need to have a relevant bachelor’s degree as a minimum eligibility criteria. Once you pass your skills assessment, you become eligible to apply for Skilled Independent visa – subclass 189 or subclass 190 – Skilled Nominated visa. Some of the job titles that come under this category are, Construction project manager, Accountant, Agricultural consultant

2. Academics
The academic sector is one of the fastest routes to acquiring a skilled visa in Australia. Teaching is one of the fastest growing jobs and teachers and university lecturers are high on the skilled occupation list. If you are a teacher who hopes to immigrate to Australia, then you can apply for either visa subclass 189 –skilled visa or visa subclass -190 skilled nominated visas. This visa will allow you to live in Australia and obtain citizenship after 5 years of stay. You will need to undergo a skills assessment test before you apply. Some of the job titles associated with this category are Secondary school teacher, Special needs teacher, pre-primary school teacher and others

3. Skilled Tradesman
There are a number of opportunities for work in different types of trades in the country, on account of a construction boom. Most of the occupations which come under this category need a minimum of two years of hands on training as well as a relevant certification. You will need to be employed in Australia and have your employer sponsor you to apply for this visa as a skilled tradesman. Some of the job titles that come under this category are, Plumber, Drainer, joiner, brick layer and others

4. Information Technology
Careers in STEM are one of the fastest growing in-demand occupations in Australia. You need to have a bachelor in one of the IT related fields and also undergo a skills assessment to qualify under this category.

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