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A car battery is nothing but a physical reserve of energy within the car system.It is usually charged by an alternator. An alternator is a device that converts the mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy. Which is then used to prompt reactions within the electrolyte of the battery, which is most commonly composed of lead oxide plates submerged in a mixture of sulfuric acid and water. The sulfuric acid reacts with the lead oxide plates, to form lead sulfate. Recharging the battery involves reversing this reaction, which helps in storing energy chemically.

Uses of car batteries
Power the vehicle while in ignition
Provide lighting
Provide traction energy
Very vital in gasoline engines, as these cannot run without battery.

Various types of batteries
Flooded battery
This type of battery has lead immersed in sulfuric acid, thereby leading in electrolysis process. This particular arrangement is in pseudo open form, and needs top up of distilled water from time to time to replenish lost water.

Sealed battery
This is just a modified version of flooded battery that is sealed, just to avoid any water loss.

Valve regulated lead acid battery
This is a form of sealed battery that has a safety valve to release hydrogen and oxygen, resulting from the electrolyte process. Popularly known as VRLA batteries.
Another form of VRLA batteries is without the safety valve, but has a catalyst surface, that helps both the hydrogen and oxygen gases to combine and form water again.

Glass mat kind of batteries
These are entirely different from VRLA batteries and use. boron silicate glass mats saturated with electrolyte between the plates. By using the recombinant technology, they don’t lose hydrogen or oxygen. Another benefit is that they store charge for a longer duration of time.
Need a car battery? Then this article is just for you.There are hundreds of batteries manufacturers and dealers across Hyderabad, but here we provide you an extensive list of various manufacturers. Need more? We have also shared the pricing, warranty and other relevant details for you.

Qwik car battery
Qwik power Industries India LLP has always been one of the most sought after battery manufacturers in India. In Hyderabad too, when we require any type of car battery, Qwik is the first name that strikes our mind. And why not? Qwik has always managed to live up to it’s name that it has built over the years.
Now, coming to specifics, Qwik Car battery comes in various types. But here we are talking about the most popular and recommended ones.


Name of the battery :Qwik Car battery
Nominal Voltage: 60 Ah
Battery Type: Lead Acid Battery
Warranty: 36 Months
Brand: Qwik
Price: 4500INR
Warranty :18 + 18 months
2. Amaron car battery
Next in line, is Amaron Car batteries, as they too have established themselves as distinguished car battery manufacturers in the industry.
Special features

Energy efficient
Seamless built
Simple to install
Eco friendly
Available in: 2.5Ah to 200Ah
Available Price : Rs.600 to Rs. 4500 INR

3. SF Sonic Car batteries
SF Sonic batteries also are considered one of the good batteries available.

Capacity: SF SONIC
Warranty: 48 Months
Model Name/Number: Bz 55l
Price :3100 INR
4. Livgaurd car batteries

Brand: Livgaurd
Model Name/Number: LGM FF 38B20-P
Capacity: 35 Ah
Warranty: 36 Months
Polarity: Left
Dimensions: 197 x 129 x 225 mm
Price :3200 INR
5. Luminous car battery

Battery Type: Tubular Battery
Warranty: 42 Months Free Replacement warranty and 18 Months Pro Data Warranty
Capacity: 220AH
Usage/Application: INVERTER AND UPS
Brand: Luminous
Voltage: 1
Price :21,640 INR

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