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Barnacle Busters – Best Known Boat Bottom Cleaning Company in Florida

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10456 Riverside Dr.
Palm Beach Gardens
Florida 33410 
United States

Barnacle Busters is one of the leading Underwater Yacht maintenance Company at Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. They have a long history of providing boat bottom cleaning services for the Citizen of Florida for about 35 years. They have trained Commercial Divers who are professional at offering the best Boat Maintenance and Cleaning services.

Boat Bottom Cleaning

A boat should be maintained regularly to run efficiently and produces optimum performance at a low amount of fuel. Without the regular boat bottom cleaning, the marine growth on the vessel can cause excess drag, which leads to higher fuel costs, clogged thru-hull intakes and propeller vibrations in the boat. At Barnacle Busters, they provide the best Boat Bottom Cleaning to their customers in South Florida. Their Service program can be availed as a onetime service or in monthly basic by a customer. Their service includes Cleaning of the hull, scrubbing the waterline, cleaning the running rear and checks through the zincs, Thru-hulls and propeller.

They also help in painting the boat bottom to preserve the boat efficiency along with other facilities like Zinc replacement, propeller repair, etc. These services are provided for the boat types of Powerboat and Sail Boat.

Powerboat Underwater Cleaning Service

• Running Gear – Cleans propellers, shafts, struts, trim tabs, rudders, through hulls, transducers, know logs, and inspect zincs.
• Waterline – cleans from top of boot tripe down to hard chine
• Hull – Cleans all the other underwater surface areas

Monthly Sailboat Diving Cleaning Service

• Running Gear – Cleans propeller, shaft, strut, through hulls, know log, transducers, and inspect zincs.
• Hull – Cleans entire hull from the top of the boot stripe to the bottom of the keel.

Another Specialty of Barnacle Busters is that they provide any kind of service on board on weekdays and also for Emergency after Hours service for all the weekend and after hours needs. They also provide services like prop speed application, Propeller changing, and repair.

About Barnacle Busters

Barnacle Busters is a leading and one of the largest Boat Bottom Cleaning Company Present in Florida. Started in 1979, this company has been serving and providing various kinds of Boat Maintenance and cleaning service with the best team of commercial divers. They offer regular or one-time boat bottom cleaning for their customers. Palm Beach, Broward, and Martin Counties are some of the Counties where they provide their service. For more information about their boat bottom cleaning, visit

10456 Riverside Dr.
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

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