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AYM Yoga School – Yoga Courses in Rishikesh

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In the last few years, yoga has become so popular around the world, and now there will be any city in the world that does not have a yoga center. Nowadays, there are yoga teacher training courses being conducted everywhere for curious yoga students around the world. These students looking to deepen their yoga practice and fully understand this ancient art in its true form. Yet the abundance of yoga style make it difficult for students to know where they can find the authentic and true knowledge and the high quality teachers to share that knowledge.

At AYM (Association for Yoga & Meditation) yoga school in Rishikesh, our main goal is to make you a complete yoga instructor by giving you an understanding about all aspects of the ancient yoga traditions. Here, you will learn the basic concept of yoga courses in Rishikesh and the ancient cleansing techniques to purify and detoxify your body. The yoga asanas make your body more flexible and stronger, yoga philosophy to understand the roots and science of yoga, and Physiology and anatomy understand your dietary needs with your individual Ayurvedic nutrition consultation and meditation techniques to control your mind.

With the true understanding of yoga traditions, your body and mind will be prepared to arise the best benefits of yoga, because to get the benefits of yoga you always need the right guidance of a good yoga trainer. There are so many yoga seekers or lovers come around the world to learn the yoga courses in Rishikesh with us. The school offers so many options that are Ayurveda therapy, teaching, training and wellness training and so on.

AYM yoga school in Rishikesh offers different yoga course like 200 hour yoga teacher training courses which is an advance level course that needs prior yoga practicing experience and elemental knowledge. Ayurveda therapy courses impart the blended knowledge of traditional yoga and Ayurveda. It also offers online yoga courses but the residential yoga courses in Rishikesh help you better to understand and interpret the hidden element and provide more opportunities to discuss and share with experience professional experts to eliminate any left out knowledge gap.

At AYM yoga school in Rishikesh, they prepare you to explore the real yoga and take your spiritual journey to next level by putting the right foundation for your yoga practice and yoga courses in Rishikesh.

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