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Automotive Airbag Market Trends, Regulations and Competitive Landscape Outlook to 2027

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A recent market intelligence report that is published by Data Insights Partner on the global Automotive Airbag Market makes an offering of in-depth analysis of segments and sub-segments in the regional and international Automotive Airbag Market. The research also emphasizes on the impact of restraints, drivers, and macro indicators on the regional and global Automotive Airbag Market over the short as well as long period of time. A detailed presentation of forecast, trends, and dollar values of global Automotive Airbag Market is offered. In accordance with the report, the global Automotive Airbag Market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 5.3% over the period of forecast.

Market Insight, Drivers, Restraints& Opportunity of the Market:

Passive safety system is the collection of safety system in the cars. It shields the passengers and the drivers from the accidents. Though the active safety systems experiencing significant innovation with dynamic growth curves, passive safety systems still have an important role to play. The active safety system prevents accidents and incidents whereas the passive safety system plays the role of limiting the negative consequences in collisions. Airbags is one of the parts in passive safety system. Airbags are widely used and legislated safety system in automobile industry. Airbags are large inflatable rubber bags filled with air or gas that activate in case of collisions to prevent head and chest. As per the analysis of Transparency Market Research the global passive safety system market is expected to reach by USD XX billion by 2027. The airbag safety system is a saturated market and will witness minor changes during the forecasted period. The OEM’s and suppliers are focusing on developing and emerging markets in the countries like India, China, Japan and others. The safety system like seatbelts and airbags holds the major market share in terms of revenue due to the mandatory legislations in some major countries like North America, Europe among others. The innovation and development of airbag is mainly focused on protecting the vulnerable road users as the motorist and pedestrian make up the majority of traffic casualties. During the forecasted period there would be technological improvements with the emergence of smart airbag system which offers advanced protection system in all types of seats. The growth of the airbags system is mainly driven on focusing the consumer safety and also with the rise of regulations in some major countries. However, with the rise of cost of raw materials, exchange rate fluctuations and price competition and functional and operational issues are posing the challenge for the growth of airbag safety system. Airbags on two wheelers provides tremendous opportunity. Given the strict automobile safety regulation in the developed countries like the Japan, Western European countries, and United States, front impact airbag represent a maturing technology with mostly 100% market dispersion. The global shipping volume of front airbag is expected to reach higher during the forecasted period followed by side airbag, curtain airbag and knee airbag. North America and Europe is likely to have the largest market in terms of revenue part due to some mandatory legislation, at the same time emerging economies in Asia Pacific (APAC) where countries include India, China, Australia among others will also witness a high growth rate. China & India have been generating considerable demand for the new cars in recent times; will continue to be the key drivers in for airbag market in Asia Pacific. In addition with that economic prosperity and rising employment levels also drives the growth in automotive production. In Middle East and Africa in countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and others are showing substantial growth and is expected to be a key market in near future.

Request for Report Sample:

Segment Covered:

This market intelligence report on the global Automotive Airbag market encompasses market segments based on product type, coating type, yarn type, vehicle type, sales channel and geography.

In terms of Product Type, the Automotive Airbag market is segregated into:

Driver Airbag
Passenger Airbag
Side Airbag
Curtain Airbag
Knee Airbag
By Coating Type, the global Automotive Airbag market is also classified into:

o Neoprene coated

o Silicon Coated

By Yarn Type, the global Automotive Airbag market is also classified into:

By Vehicle Type, the global Automotive Airbag market is also classified into:

Passenger Cars
o Compact

o Mid-Sized

o Premium

o Luxury

By Sales Channel, the global Automotive Airbag market is also classified into:

By country/region, the global Automotive Airbag market has been divided into:

North America (the U.S., Canada),
South America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and other countries),
Europe (Germany, France, the U.K., Spain, Italy, Russia, and other countries),
Asia Pacific (India, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand and other countries),
Middle East and Africa (GCC, South Africa, Israel and Other countries).
Profiling of Market Players:

This business intelligence report offers profiling of reputed companies that are operating in the market. Companies operating in the global market includes:

Rockwell Collins
The Gill Corp.
Avcorp Industries
Triumph Group
Zodiac Aerospace
Nordam Group
EnCore Group
Aim Altitude
Advanced Custom Manufacturing
Others players have been profiled into detail so as to offer a glimpse of the market leaders. Moreover, parameters such as Automotive Airbag related investment & spending and developments by major players of the market are tracked in this global report.

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