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Automatic Feeding Systems Market| Aggregate Insights| Market Forecast (2019-2026)

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Market Outlook:-
Automatic feeding systems utilizes the existing the PLC techniques and controllers to improvise the manual feeding techniques through minimal human interaction and proper mixing of feed ration. The benefits of utilizing automatic feeding systems over manual systems includes ability to provide proper supply of total mixed ration with high frequency and minimal labour requirement. The adoption of automated or self-propelled animal feeding systems in cattle or sheep farms has resulted in increased production capacity, reduced labour costs, capital cost and improved sanitary control across the farm. Increasing average herd and growing interests among the livestock growers towards adoption of sustainable feeding techniques is driving the global automatic feeding systems market.

The Global Automatic Feeding Systems Market valued USD XX million in 2018 and expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.87% to reach a market value of USD XX million by 2026.

Market Dynamics:-
Increasing adoption of advanced smart farming technologies by the commercial animal farms in developed nations to boost the production efficiency and reduced input cost is the primary factor driving the global automatic feeding systems market. In current market scenarios, unstable profits among cattle growers led to increased adoption of advanced feeding systems to cut the expenses and improve efficiency. The smart feeding solution has potential to reduce 3 hours of labour a day, improved performance and significant reduction in feed and capital cost. The installation of advanced automated feeding systems is expected to reduce the feed wastage by 50% and increased milk productivity by 5 liters of milk produced by cow daily. Additionally, favorable government policies and incentives to boost the adoption of smart farming technologies in developing nations is expected to boost market for automatic feeding systems market.

Additionally, labour shortages and increasing availability of robotic or self-propelled feeding is expected to further boost market for automated feeding systems globally during forecast period.

However, lack of awareness among the communities towards automated feed equipment and increasing presence of semi-automatic feeding equipment’s in developing nations are primary factors hindering the growth of global automatic feeding systems market.

Market Segmentation:-
Global automatic feeding systems market is segmented on the basis of product type into:
• Conveyer belt system
• Self-propelled systems
• Rail-mounted systems
• Others

Self-propelled systems is expected to grow at a higher pace globally during forecast period owing to its high efficiency and low maintenance nature over its compatriots. The key benefits through usage of self-propelled systems over its compatriots includes high loading capacity, ability to provide nutritional TMR, and high efficiency. It is estimated that replacing manual feeding system in 720-cow herd with self-propelled diet feeder led to increased savings of about USD 21,000/ year.

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Geographical Trends:-
By region, the global automatic feeding systems market is segmented into:
• North America
• South America
• Europe
• Asia-Pacific
• Middle-east and Africa

Europe is expected to dominate the global automatic feeding systems market owing to increased installation of automated and self-propelled feed systems across the major livestock growing nations. With increasing labour shortages and increased investment activities by farmers across the EU to boost the productivity is expected to boost market for automated feeding systems market in Europe during forecast period. High presence of advanced automation companies and increased awareness among the livestock growers through expo’s are additionally contributing to the growth of Europe automatic feeding systems market during forecast period. Additionally, presence of high average herd size and high capital cost through manual feeding techniques and labour is predicted to boost the utilization of automated feeding systems in farms across Europe during forecast period.

Competitive Landscape:-
The global automatic feeding systems market is experiencing new product launches and technological developments over its existing automatic feeding systems and self-propelled feeding systems.

In April 2019, DeLaval launched OptiDuo robotic feed refresher with varied economical and technical benefits over existing automatic feeding systems. The technical advantages of OptiDuo includes optimized productivity, increased work efficiency, and improved adaptability to feed changes.

Some of the key players in the global automatic feeding systems market includes:
• GEA Group
• DeLaval
• Lely
• Fancom BV

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