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Auto-Drafted GSTR-2B Is Now Live In India

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India, 14 September 2020

GSTR-2B is an auto-populated ITC statement generated for every GST registered taxpayer. The data in this return is populated from the GSTR-1, GSTR-5 (filed by non-resident taxable person) and G STR-6 (filed by an Input Service Distributor ‘ISD’) filed by the taxpayer’s suppliers. Interestingly, the GST portal has just released the Matching Offline Tool v1.0. Through this tool, the taxpayer can download the GSTR-2B and match it with the purchase register.

This GSTR-2B is a static statement that will be available once a month, on the 12th. The taxpayers can view this on their dashboard through the GST Portal. On the other hand, by downloading the Matching Offline Tool, the taxpayer can download the auto-drafted Input Tax Credit (ITC) statement – GSTR-2B and view it through the offline tool.

Furthermore, this tool enables taxpayers to import the purchase register and match it with the GSTR-2B already downloaded. The taxpayers have to use the Excel/CSV template provided with the tool to prepare their purchase register and import the same. Finally, this tool will identify documents which are fully matched, partially matched or not matched and present it to the taxpayer.

The Government advises the taxpayers to reconcile the data generated in the Form GSTR-2B with their records and to refer to this form while availing credit in their Form GSTR-3B. However, in case there are additional details, taxpayers can refer to their respective Form GSTR-2A (which is updated on a near real-time basis).

The GSTR-2B aims to reduce the time taken in preparing the GSTR-3B and minimise errors while assisting with GST reconciliation and simplifying compliances relating to filing of GST returns.

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