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Astria Health Unveils Testing And Diagnostic Centers In Eastern Washington USA

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Yakima, WA 98902  

Diagnosis is the process of finding out if a patient has a specific disease. For the purpose of diagnosis, monitoring, screening, and prognosis diagnostic tests are essential at every step. A medical professional prescribes a test to make a diagnosis or to exclude possible illness. Different diagnostic tests are allergy testing, blood pressure measurement, blood tests, bone joint and muscle tests, brain and nerve tests, biopsy, cancer tests, digestive system tests. Astria health is here to help in all these with latest technology, latest equipment, and experienced medical professional so that you can get the most accurate results and care with value to your money and precious health.

Dawn O’Polka, Chief Marketing and Communication Executive, Astria Health Says, “Astria health laboratories are dedicated to serve their patient a high quality service and patient centered care. They have best laboratory professional working in adequately equipped place to manage everything like routine diagnostic tests, screening, and monitoring etc. They provide valuable information for doctors, to help them detect complex diseases and make care plans accordingly”.

Why Astria health: Some factors that can help you think about Astria healths over others are as follows:

Experience of medical team: highly qualified medical professionals, laboratory professionals, doctors, are here to take the best care of your all kind of medical need.

How updated is the technology used? Advanced technology can give the most accurate and precise health report. Astria health provides technologically advanced service, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, and expertise. Its centers use updated technology to ensure that reports are free from errors.

Dawn further says, “Availability of all kinds of tests and services, the effectiveness of diagnostic center is judged by the availability of wide ranged tests. Astria health laboratories cater full medical services that are very important for patient and prescribed by the physician. They offer a variety of laboratory services like Blood draws blood bank and transfusion services, Therapeutic drug assays, urinalysis, hematology, chemistry, microbiology, endocrinology, serology, immunology, immunoassay, coagulation etc. It saves time and money for patients as they get all services under one roof. High quality and patient centered services are its priority”.

Health package:

Accuracy of the compiled report: In the age of rapid medical advancement there are numerous tests that can be availed at Astria health. Health report gone wrong can be damaging. So we take our utmost care to the accuracy of each test done here.

Service and policies of the diagnostic center: Their services and policies are all patient centered. Their first priority is to serve the patient well. They value integrity, honesty, stewardship and respect.

Pricing: As a non-profit organization their mission is to provide healthcare services to the community. They earn to invest it into the betterment of services, acquiring new equipment and technology, better doctors and other medical professionals. So whatever they earn is for the service of community.

Distance from home: Astria health centers are located in eastern Washington, Sunnyside, Toppenish, Selah, Yakima etc

Laboratory certification: you can check its all accreditation online on its website to satisfy your query.


Dawn O’Polka
Chief Marketing and Communication Executive
Astria Health

509-837-1543 (O)

900 W Chestnut Avenue
Yakima, WA 98902

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