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ASTPP Announced to Offer White Label PC Dialer Solution

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ASTPP is a leading open source VoIP solution that is also available as an enterprise solution. The community offers some paid solutions as premium solutions. The PC dialer is one of the premium solutions offered by the ASTPP community. Recently, the spokesperson of the community announced that the community will offer a white label PC dialer solution.

The PC dialer solution is a SIP Softphone that comes as computer software and can be installed on any computer or laptop. It can be used by individual users, companies, ITSPs, VoIP service providers, etc.

As per the shared details, the official team of ASTPP has developed a feature rich SIP softphone for computers and laptops, called, PC dialer. This solution allows performing softphone to softphone calling, which is also known as PC to PC calling. This software also offers PC to phone calling. It means the Softphone users can call on any landline or mobile number.

The spokesperson of the company shared that this PC dialer is furnished with a wide array of features. Below is the list of features available in this article:

• Audio calling
• Chat aka instant messaging
• Call hold and pick up
• Call transfer
• 3-way conference calling
• Last call redial
• Call history

The official team of ASTPP developers also offers API integration in this PC dialer. It means the service providers can integrate their main solution with the PC dialer to offer collective service. This PC dialer solution supports all different types of codecs such as G711, G729, GSM, Speex, iLBC, AMR, G722, etc.

As per the shared details, the official team of ASTPP integrates brand elements of the company and performs all required configurations to provide white label mobile SIP dialer solution.

“PC dialer is an amazing tool and can be used by any company to reduce expenses on communication. It is also perfect to empower communication and collaboration. We have developed a PC dialer solution and it is available as a white label solution. It is also available as an independent solution. It means to get this white label PC dialer solution, you do not need to use ASTPP. Of course, the use of ASTPP provides an advanced solution as you can manage the service as a product, you can automate invoicing and billing, etc. However, it is not mandatory”, shared spokesperson of the community.


ASTPP is in existence since 2003. For almost 16 years, it has been offering open source VoIP billing solution to its users. It is catering to more than 10,000 businesses all across the world. Also, it has one of the most proactive open source communities. Now, ASTPP is not just an open source solution, it is also an enterprise solution. Furthermore, it is not just a billing software, it is also a smart telephony solution. PC dialer is one of the premium solutions offered by the community. For more details, please visit

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