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ASTPP Announced to Offer Premium Solutions

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ASTPP is one of the most popular open source VoIP solutions in the VoIP industry. Moreover, it is gaining massive popularity for being the first ever open source smart telephony platform. Being an open source, it doesn’t have any direct source of income. Thus, community leaders have announced to offer two premium solutions. These two premium solutions are listed below:

1. Mobile SIP dialer and
2. PC dialer

As per the shared details, the ASTPP experts have developed these two SIP softphone applications. These are ready to use applications and the community will provide it as a ready to use solution. The community will also add logo, theme and other brand elements of the customer company to make it a white label solution.

The spokesperson of the company shared more details about these two premium solutions which are recited below:

1. Mobile SIP Dialer application

It is a mobile application that allows the app to app and app to any PSTN number calling. Moreover, it allows conference calling. One can also use instant messaging and other communication features using this mobile SIP softphone app. The ASTPP experts have added required features to make it useful for the service providers. The white label mobile SIP dialer app of ASTPP provides the features of the recharge, call balance and other relevant details.

2. PC Dialer

It is also a SIP dialer application which can be used to call to other PC dialer applications, DID numbers or any PSTN numbers. The PC dialer is for the desktop and laptop systems. Once it is installed and configured, it can be used for communication. It is available for companies that prefer to use SIP based communication solutions. It removes the need for IP phones and gives a wide array of features to its users. The ASTPP experts also apply white labeling to this app so its users get exposed to the brand of the service providers.

As per the shared details, both of these SIP softphone solutions are already developed and ready to use. The mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer solutions of the ASTPP can be used with ASTPP to gain some additional features. For example, it shows real time account balance if you use mobile SIP dialer along with the ASTPP billing solution. However, even if you don’t use this open source smart telephony platform, ASTPP, still you can use both or any one of these premium solutions offered by the ASTPP official team.

The community has highlighted both of these dialer solutions on their official website of ASTPP as the premium solutions. The official ASTPP team not only offers a white label solution for mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer, it also offers technical support to its users. The ASTPP support engineer resolved all concerns and queries of these premium solutions. To know more about these premium solutions, please visit

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