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ASTPP Announced to Offer PC Dialer to Deal with the Pandemic

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ASTPP, one of the leading open source VoIP solutions, announced to offer a PC dialer solution to deal with the world novel COVID 19 pandemic. ASTPP will provide white label PC dialer solution to interested businesses who want to take advantage of this powerful solution.

“PC dialer can be used by any business to consolidate communication and collaboration. This solution is even more effective during the time of the COVID 19 pandemic. As the circumstances are changed because of this pandemic, even once the situation will be under control, a white label PC dialer will be useful for the businesses”, shared spokesperson of the community.

According to the shared details, multiple business owners have decided to work remotely as part of percussions taken by an organization. This fact applies to global businesses that can work remotely by using the available technological tools. PC dialer is one of the effective tools for businesses that want to let its team members work remotely and earn many other benefits.

Below is the list of benefits of using a white label PC dialer solution during this pandemic shared by the spokesperson of the community:

• Lets businesses enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted communication
• Provides value added communication features
• Reduces communication cost
• Keeps call logs so supervision of work quality and fair resource utilization can be performed hassle-free
• Keep everyone conscious about the time they invest in communication as the call logs can be available to the manager
• Lets team members communicate without any distractions otherwise available while using the phone for calls
• Lets businesses take advantage of branding using a white label PC dialer solution
• And many more

As per the shared details, the PC dialer solution offered by the ASTPP is a feature rich SIP Softphone. It can work flawlessly to provide a rich communication experience at a lower cost of communication.
Below is the list of features offered by the ASTPP PC dialer:

• Voice calls
• Call logs
• Last call redial
• Call hold and pick-up
• Support API integration
• And more

As per the shared details, this PC dialer solution of ASTPP provides quick registration and connectivity features. Moreover, it can work with any SIP server and supports all different codecs available in the market such as G729, G722, G711, GSM, etc.

ASTPP experts will not only offer white label PC dialer, but they will also provide the required support so businesses and their team members can use all its features and gain advantages from this powerful communication tool.


It is an open source smart telephony solution. It is also available in the enterprise version with many more advanced features and add-ons. ASTPP has been catering to the VoIP industry with its amazing solution for more than 16 years. Along with the smart telephony solution, it also offers premium solutions. PC dialer is one of the premium solutions offered by ASTPP. ASTPP will offer it to businesses that want to deal with the pandemic without losing productivity. To know more about the PC dialer solution, please visit

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