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ASTPP Announced to Offer ASTPP Premium Solutions

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ASTPP stands for A Smart TelePhony Platform. It is an open source smart VoIP solution. It is furnished with comprehensive and advanced VoIP billing software. Along with the billing system, it also offers a wide array of add-ons for its users. These add-ons can be integrated within this system to take benefit of smart VoIP software. To raise funds for growth and development of this open source VoIP solution, the community has announced to launch ASTPP Premium Solution.

These solutions will be paid and white label. They are available as independent solutions. It means they can be used with or without ASTPP software itself. The spokesperson of the community shared more details about these premium solutions as mentioned below:
1. Mobile SIP Dialer

It is a SIP dialer app available for Android and iOS Smart devices. It is generally used in mobile phones as a communication app. It is provisioned with the following features:

• Audio calls
• Conferencing calling
• File sharing
• Call transfer
• Call park and retrieve
• Call hold
• Hang up
• OTP authentication
• Call logs
• And more

The ASTPP community has announced to offer it as a premium white label mobile SIP dialer to the interested service providers and business owners. It can be used to take benefit of SIP based communication from anywhere, at any time.

2. PC Dialer

It is also a SIP dialer and it is available as a software solution for Windows computers. It can be installed on any laptop or desktop and used for communication. It offers all communication features as mobile SIP dialer offers. Moreover, it offers support for different APIs.

The community representative shared that the ASTP experts will perform the required API integration for their customers.

As per the shared details, both of these SIP dialers, also known as SIP Softphones are ready to use and developed by ASTPP experts. Both of them support all different types of codecs and SIP servers. All required settings and configurations needed to make these SIP Softphone white label will be done by the official ASTPP team.
“We want to make sure ASTPP stays on the top list of the best VoIP software solutions. Thus, we keep on building new features and modules in it. We need funds for the same and that’s why we have launched these premium solutions. They will offer all features available in the most competitive mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer applications if they are used as a standalone solution without using ASTPP. On the other hand, if one uses them with ASTPP, it will provide some advanced features and integrations”, shared spokesperson of the ASTPP community.


It is an open source VoIP solution that has been in use since 2003. It has gone through various transformations in the past years and made its name as one of the top 3 VoIP billing solutions. Now, it is in the quest of being one of the top smart VoIP solutions. It is an open source system, but also available as an enterprise system. Now, ASTPP premium solutions are made available. For more details, please visit

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