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ASTPP Announced the Launch of Enterprise Version Free Trial

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ASTPP is now available as an open source smart VoIP solution and an enterprise solution. Recently, the spokesperson of ASTPP announced that the community will offer a risk free trial of its enterprise version for 14 days.

Anyone interested in using the enterprise solution can contact the community by filling in the contact form available on the official website of ASTPP. The community will make all the required arrangements, so the user can access this trial of 14 days without any hassle.

As per the shared details, the users of this ASTPP enterprise solution free trial will be able to:

• Take advantage of the ASTPP Self Hosting model
• Use all core features and functionalities
• Use all community add-ons
• Use all enterprise add-ons

This free trial also grants 14 day trial license with unlimited access and use. Thus, users can test the strength of this solution without any restrictions.

“ASTPP is popular and there are many users that already use ASTPP enterprise solution. All enterprise users are happy with the competitive advantages they get by using this smart telephony solution. We want to now benefit all other businesses that have not yet used ASTPP as well as those who are using the open source version of it. We want them to experience the power of its enterprise version. Thus, we have launched this free trial of the ASTPP Self Hosting solution, which is an enterprise solution of it”, shared the spokesperson of ASTPP.

About ASTPP Self Hosting

It is an enterprise version of ASTPP. It makes it available at affordable rates compared to another enterprise version ASTPP Managed Services. The ASTPP Self Hosting solution offers all features and add-ons similar to ASTPP Managed Services version. The only difference is that in the Self Hosting version, users need to take care of ASTPP software installation, configuration, and maintenance. It is perfect for any company or individual that has access to technical skills to install this software.

According to the shared details, the ASTPP community will provide a well-defined document with the license key for the free use of this powerful smart telephony solution for 14 days. This document will provide the required technical steps to install and configure the ASTPP enterprise solution.


It is a popular VoIP solution. It has catered to the VoIP industry for more than 16 years as an open source VoIP billing solution. In 2019, ASTPP 4 was launched which transformed this open source VoIP billing solution to a smart telephony platform. Along with advanced VoIP billing and invoicing, it also offers many more VoIP solutions such as multi tenant IP PBX, fax server, ported numbers, calling card management, class 4 Softswitch, etc. Now, ASTPP is available in open source and enterprise versions. A risk free trial of the ASTPP Self Hosting model is launched by the community. To know more about ASTPP Self Hosting Solution, visit

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