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Artificial Intelligence Machine Intelligence – AI-MI

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Connectivity is not communication, much less understanding. A central grasp of the situation with QPS (visibility systems) makes the process itself into its own message to everyone at once. Everybody knows what to do that is routine without meetings, directives, and the process is its own prompter for improvement. Few power games, or misunderstandings, no politics, future profit picture puzzle real-time measurement owned by operations. Attacking the what not the who, manufacturing methods not people.

Would you like to plan, schedules, measures and rewards your work in progress “WIP” performance? It was specifically designed for manufacturing job shop, first and second tier suppliers to the aerospace industries original equipment manufacturers “OEM” such as GE. Boeing or all OEM’s.

Profit Scheduling module is the MI portion of our offering, Profit Model is the AI portion of our artificial intelligence MI offering providing current and future financial big analytics residing on the shop floor system. The Scheduling is a front/back critical path capacity planning tool “your routing” driven by your estimating system. It is a secure cloud data stream and cannot be disrupted by either out of company or internal tenuous allocation or adjustments. Once the schedule is developed by the Profit Control Coordinator and approved most likely by your production control manager requiring no new employees the entire Lean Value Stream is scheduled including the supply chain drilled down to all departments and stakeholders KPI’s. The schedule is fixed and finite, no sliding to the right. The system alerts you real-actionable-time, are you on, ahead or behind schedule for on-time delivery. Quality issues alerted for our statistical process control ‘SPS’ attribute for real-time resolution of work that is out of compliance to your customers specification and for the first time your planned engineered profit specification is included real-actionable-time on your Lean Value Stream, the WIP schedule. This is measured by Time-Driven Activity-Based current pricing/profiting.

This is an under the roof internal system does not interfere with the gathering, producing or distributions of external financial reporting. It is in concert with your GAAP reporting and requires no additional ‘IT’ requirement. Every stakeholder on the Lean Value Stream sees his/her KPI responsibility real-actionable-time.

QPS’s offering is a full pull turnkey AI-MI routine full visibility process and is self-improving, bundled with an inventory system, estimating system and accounting package such as qQuick Books you have duplicated an ERP system at around 5% of a cloud ERP system and tens of thousands of dollars less to maintain it keep up to date ‘KUD.’

The 21st century business requirement, including manufacturing which is in the second decade of the information society requiring current accurate under the roof information not influenced by tenuous allocations or adjustments to be acted on real-actionable time eliminating sunk profit losses significantly. He who acts on this information first most likely wins the day “Business as War” Kenneth Allard. Bill Gates wrote a book in the 90’s business at the speed of thought. If your information is a trailing fiction directing your company’s future you are running a company from behind, an out of date push system. Our offering is a full-pull of your future goals and requirements pricing matches performances.

The best new is with current accurate companywide QPS’s future profit picture puzzle offering you can realize up to four time the current profit performance and require only 29% new sales rather than 330% new sales based on today’s current top down sales driven extractive culture.

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