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Appkodes Releases its On Demand Dating App Script – Howzu Reinvented Version 3.0

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Reclassify the course for managed accomplishment every once in a while business upgradation. As we all realize that the gig economy has demonstrated quick development in the previous years. Thus, Appkodes regularly comes up with the important updates for its own Howzu product. This guarantees all first-time startups to exceed expectations in the dating industry all the times.

This upgrade totally brings some relief from the issue that gives inconveniences at times. We acquire more precision in using the integrated modules easily. Too, we evade all challenges in accessing the Howzu app from the business’ promotion favor’s point of view.

Gear up all new developments like audio & video chat, secure data, delete chat, unfriend, Auto spell, keyboard emojis, to name a few along to your dating business take the competitive advantage to stay put your unique place in this industry.

Below are the updated features in the new version :

Video and Audio Chat : Exchange self destructing videos and audios now to your preferred matches and impress with what you got on the Chat Window.

Secured Data : For the first time we no longer have to choose between the powerful security and privacy benefits of forward secret end-to-end encryption. As it was getting updated on both server and client ends.

Delete Chat History : Users may now delete their own chat history which they feel like not to be available on the server may do it all by themselves in the chat window for their own privacy.

Auto Spell & Emoji’s Supportable : Emojis enhance just about any user experience. Convey tone and intent using emojis, both of which are frequently lost in translation when communicating online. Auto spell update helps you communicate with your date effectively.

Unfriend Option : Some dates are so annoying that an indirect message such as unfriend option are required to send a simple yet clear warning. User’s can unfriend the profile they have been matched with in the app. Good luck insulting and shame them on app.

Obviously, the nonstop change increases the opportunity to be the top of the dating economy. Get every improved features and facilities to your dating app. Stay up-to-date with the latest Howzu dating app with the Appkodes’ most current update from older version v2.1 to a fresher version v3.0.

Grab our valuable Howzu updated version immediately to nail down the success at a faster pace.

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