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Anh Thomas Investment has announced its performance for the year 2017

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Anh Thomas Investment has announced its performance for the year 2017. The financial company, whom advise its clients on stocks and buy to let properties, reported an annual performance of +27.6% for their reference portfolio.
This is the seventh year in a row that the company reports positive returns.

Miss Hau Anh, director of Anh Thomas Investment declared: “In 2017, our reference portfolio underperformed the main indexes for the first time since its creation. However, we ended up the year with a return of +27.6%. Over the long-term, we considerably overperform the indexes with a total return of +353.7% over the last seven years.”

The company also acknowledged that there were fewer opportunities to find in Vietnamese stock markets now than a year ago but that they remain bullish on Vietnamese stocks especially when one considers a long-term horizon.
The letter continues that, “This is naturally good news for our current clients who made large returns this year once again, but there are also mechanically fewer opportunities left for new investors.”

Miss Hau Anh added: “As always, we are working on other opportunities, and looking closely at many different countries and markets. Finding the best investment opportunities worldwide is part of Anh Thomas Investment’s DNA.”

“Vietnamese stocks have risen at an unstainable rate last year but we remain bullish about Vietnamese stocks over the long term (5 years and more). In the meantime, finding the best investment opportunities worldwide remains our top priority and we may come up with new investment projects, in different countries”, Miss Hoa Mai, CEO of Anh Thomas Investment said.

Other firms specialized in the Vietnamese stock markets have recently shared their views on the market.
MB Securities is one of the largest Vietnamese brokerage house and provides securities and investment banking services to individual and institutional clients in Vietnam. DÆ°Æ¡ng Văn Chung, head of MB Securities Co’s northern branch was recently quoted recommending investors to purchase more stocks and expected “strong cash flow poured into financial-banking stocks,”.

RongViet Securities Corporation in Saigon said in a report that the VN-Index will increase by at least 17% this year and even 67% in its best scenario. Finally, Saigon Securities Incorporation expects similar uptrends: “The VN-Index could reach 1,050 points in the short term, and 1,300 by year-end” Nguyen The Minh said.

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