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Angelo Sferrazza, Cincinnati, Ohio SPEAKS ON STARTING A NEW BUSINESSes

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Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN – Angelo Sferrazza, owner of Strategic Funding, states his tips to starting a new business. He wants to help new business owners start their business right in the new year. “2020 will be a great year for business owners!” Mr. Sferrazza states.

Starting a new business can be scary and hard, lucky for you Mr. Sferrazza has some tips on how to start a good business. If you have an idea that you think could go somewhere make a plan then go for it says Mr Sferrazza.

Mr Sferrazza states “If you have a will you have a way, so if you’re confident in what you want to do, others will be more interested to hear and learn about it.”

He states that once you have a plan for how you’re going to make it a reality go get it patented so it’s marked as your idea and no one can take it for their own. Next he states if you don’t have the finances you can either go to the bank to get a loan or go to an investor to get the money.

Mr Sferrazza states “Going to an investor may seem intimidating but it’s just as good if not better as going to get a loan.”

Once you have the money Mr. Sferrazza explains that you need to use the money you got wisely. Once you have your finances together you can start building your business into whatever it may be.

Mr Sferrazza states “The last tip I have for everyone is to stay dedicated to your business.”

For anyone starting starting a business these are some awesome tips from a man who has been doing this for years. Mr. Sferrazza says good luck new business owners and he hopes you do well in you adventures.

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