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Alfa Chemistry News: Catalysts Are Diversified for the Solar Energy Industry Research

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As a truly renewable energy source, solar power is pollution-free and has been applied in multiple fields. Catalysts play an indispensable role in either to convert, store, or utilize solar and other renewable energy. Many researchers have been involved in such attempts. To further facilitate their work and make catalysts more easily obtainable, Alfa Chemistry Catalysts recently announced to have diversified its offerings of high-quality catalysts to be used for the solar energy industry.

“The history of catalysts to be used in the energy industry can be traced back to the early days of the petroleum industry. Back then, catalysts were used to convert less valuable crude oil products, such as asphalt and tar, to shorter chain products like diesel, gasoline, and kerosene,” says the spokesperson from Alfa Chemistry Catalysts. “That is to say, catalysts have been shaping our energy consumption and usage since a long time ago.”

To make solar energy more widely implemented, scientists must make sure it can be properly stored. Now the solar industry is also considering using catalysts as a means of energy storage. Water splitting catalysts present an interesting potential solution to this problem. Using just water, the excess electricity produced by solar can be used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, which can be then recombined at a later time in a fuel cell in order to produce electricity. In that case a certain catalyst is especially important for reducing the over potential needed to drive the kinetics of the water splitting reaction, thus decreasing conversion losses in energy.

In the catalytic processes for the production of renewable energy such as biofuels and solar energy, some advanced technologies and innovative materials and even nanomaterials can also be used due to recent advances in addition to the catalysts that are traditionally used.

Below are some of the catalysts that can be used in the solar energy:
graphene (CAS 1034343-98-0), aluminum oxide nanoparticles / nanopowder (CAS 1344-28-1), bismuth telluride (CAS 1304-82-1), 1,2-Dimethyl-1,1,2,2-tetraphenyldisilane (CAS 1172-76-5), fused quartz powder (CAS 14808-60-7), (3-Aminopropyl)trimethoxysilane (CAS 13822-56-5), methylammonium bromide (CAS 6876-37-5), perovskite quantum dots and many more. Please visit to learn more or email us directly.

About Alfa Chemistry Catalysts
Having been recognized as a trust-worthy supplier in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, Alfa Chemistry Catalysts provides a broad collection of catalysts for years, covering chiral catalysts, ligands, metal catalysts, non-metal catalysts, organocatalysts, phase transfer catalysts, photocatalysts, reaction type and more. The catalysts can be broadly used in various scenarios, such as the manufacturing of automobiles and batteries, hydrogen storage, oil & gas as well as water treatment.

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