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Aires Technologies provides the best solutions for harmful electromagnetic radiation

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Aires Technologies is an award winning company in the field of development of products and technologies meant to minimize the disparaging effects of electromagnetic fields that surround most of the modern electronic gadgets. The company has made several products that have won a number of certificates and awards since the setting up of the company in 2000. After Aires Technologies ( began its research in FDL or Fractal Diffraction Lattices, the developments led to the modification in the approach of scientists towards electromagnetic fields. The revolutionary findings of Aires Technologies given solutions to more than 200 projects and also made products that are hundred percent eco-friendly and safe for human use.

The company keeps nature and humans in mind while developing its products because the main aim of the company is to produce high-tech, but eco- friendly devices. Most people do not give heed to the fact that their mobiles and other electronic devices are emitting electromagnetic radiations of EMR, which has increased exponentially in several years in the past.

Aires Technologies develops products that are clinically tested, approved, and verified in various independent, scientific, and medical facilities. In addition, the products of Aires Technologies make use of exclusive technologies patented to achieve the finest possible protection. The clients of Aires Technologies can use these products for all kinds of small and big personal electronic gadgets.

Aires Shield Extreme

One of the products of Aires Technologies is Aires Shield Extreme, which is a micro-processor based on silicon. It defuses the destructive effects of EMR or electromagnetic radiation. It comprises of an Aires Microprocessor in addition to an advanced resonator antenna. Aires Shield Extreme eliminates the destructive glitches created by EMRs. The products works when the when the electromagnetic impulse coming from an electronic device is recorded by the resonator antenna. After the charge is build up, it is reflexively redistributed to the microprocessor of Aires Shield Extreme. Then, a surface waive is made and the slitted matrix of the microprocessor produces a 3D hologram with frequently alternating minima and maxima of field intensity. At last, the 3D hologram networks with the external radiation, alters it, complements it with the radiation of the body and thus, prevents clash between the external radiation and radiations of the body’s cells.

Why use products of Aires Technologies

The customers of Aires Technologies use their products to have a safer life around the electronic gadgets. Since the life has taken a new turn with all forms of electronic gadgets, people need to understand that these gadgets emit harmful radiations that have to be intercepted in time. Else, all living beings have to suffer the effects of these radiations in present or in near future. That is why; Aires Technologies have developed various products that can reduce or eliminate these radiations so that people can live a healthy life.

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