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AI Security Camera Training Data Sets Available for round-the-clock Video Surveillance

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PR 04 Jun 2020: Security cameras play an important role in round-the-clock surveillance at residential areas or any other important location. It can record the scenario and security agencies can check the activities later, or for live view security officers need to keep an eye to spot the unusual activities.

But now these security cameras are becoming smarter with machine learning and AI technology. As these AI security camera can detect the objects, humans and recognize the various activities with the facility to alert the security surveillance center with live coverage if found any unusual activity.

And to train such AI security cameras huge amount of training data sets are required. Anolytics generates the training data to train and develop the security cameras through machine learning.

How AI Security Cameras are Trained?

As we have already told, an AI security camera can detect and recognize the different types of objects like vehicles, street lights, poles, humans or animals and monitor their activities. An AI camera works on computer vision technology to detect and help machines to recognize such objects.

And while developing the AI camera, the machine learning algorithms need similar types of data containing the objects visible in different scenarios. And image annotation technique is used make the objects recognizable to machines and create huge amount of such training data for algorithms.

Once enormous amount of training data sets are feed into the machine learning algorithm, the model learn how to detect different types of objects, so that it can recognize and inform the users. Anolytics is expert in annotating such images and create training data sets for AI cameras.

Types of Training Data for AI Security Cameras

As per the Anolytics services, it is providing wide-ranging training data sets for computer vision in AI cameras to detect or recognize the different types of objects with accuracy. It is providing the training data to detect crowd on the streets, markets or public places through AI camera installed.

Similarly, Anolytics annotates images of traffic for movement detection, unexpected actions like theft, weapons or other unusual activities performed by humans can be detected with the help of training data sets supplied by Anolytics. It can also annotate the objects for night vision or thermal vision base AI cameras to monitor the people in the night-time or in extremely dark environment.

Anolytics provides the wide ranging image annotation service, hence it can also provide the annotation services for face detection of humans. People living in the societies and well-organized localities can be tracked and monitored with face recognition technology. And Anolytics can annotate and supply huge amount of training data sets for AI security cameras with best level of accuracy.

Video Annotation for Moving Objects Detection

Just like annotated images, annotators at Anolytics offer video annotation services to make the moving objects detectable and recognizable for security cameras. And bounding box annotation is the most widely used image annotation technique used by Anolytics to create such data sets for AI cameras. Working with highly experienced annotators, Anolytics provides one the best quality training data sets for machine learning and AI based security cameras and video surveillance systems.

About the Company

Anolytics is a data annotation company, offers text, video and image annotation service to provide the training data sets for computer vision based machine learning and AI development. It is can create huge quantity of high-quality training data sets for healthcare, agriculture, retail, automotive, robotics and various other sectors with best level of accuracy and scalable solution at affordable pricing.

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