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Affordable Social Media Branding for Entrepreneurs launched byTalem Omnimedia

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Talem Omnimedia, a division of the Talem Corporation, a business empowerment firm, launched an innovative promotion bundle that gets entrepreneurs and professionals noticed on-and-offline. Aptly named the ‘Stand Out and Profit’ media package, this bundle enables businesses to ‘stand out’ from their competition, gain credibility and to become an instant authority recognizable by prospects and major media sources.

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Launched in early February 2017, the ‘Stand Out and Profit’ package removes the number one obstacle for a business developing trust. The quickest way for a company or brand to develop rapport that invokes patronage is by gaining recognition as an authority that is recommended by others.

In fact, according to the latest customer loyalty statistics collected by Access Development, a research company, 86% of customers said that ‘business likability’ drove their purchases, and 83% said trust in the company compelled them to buy. Many customers also said that marketers also focused too much on tactics, rather than considering emotions.

Using this insight as a central focal point, Talem Omnimedia, gives businesses the opportunity to build a greater level of trust with their customers by using the humble citation or quote as an emotional connection. Why? Well, a quote tells a prospective buyer a great deal about a business and allows them to feel a bond.

Talem Omnimedia focuses on media citations rather than distributing full press releases. Concise and to-the-point, a citation simplifies the traditional process, but still allows businesses and entrepreneurs to ‘get noticed’.

By taking an entrepreneurs quote and distributing it to major media outlets, which then use the citation, businesses and entrepreneurs can then legally claim the ‘as seen on’ status. This status, in turn, then allows the business or entrepreneur to boost their consumer confidence and conversion rates.

Stephan J. Renaud, co-founder of TALEM OmniMedia said, Media Authority is something every entrepreneur and professional should have because such an authority influences potential customers’ buying decision both online and offline. It helps businesses stand out from the crowd and differentiates them as a recognized expert in their field. Ultimately, being positioned as an authority and a recognized industry expert is the quickest way to gain market share.

The Stand Out and Profit media package launched on Wednesday, February 1, 2017. To find out more visit

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